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10 feet Entrance Height Square Fabric Shade

Original price $4,327.00 - Original price $22,458.00
Original price
$4,327.00 - $22,458.00
Current price $4,327.00
Size: 10 feet x 10 feet

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Damaging UV rays from the sun can cause a lot of discomfort to kids playing in the summer months and significant discoloration to a variety of playground equipment materials. The 10 feet Entrance Height Square Fabric Shade by Superior Shade is a great way to protect children and playground equipment from the elements. Children can play all year long with proper shade and shelter. With a large selection of sizes, this shade can be used to cover anything from a sandbox or picnic table to a play structure. The heavy-duty fabric is available in many colors and can withstand weathering and discoloration. It can be seamlessly added to any existing pool, park, or playground area as a functional and decorative feature. Glide elbows are available as an option and are recommended for areas in coastal or northern climates to make installation and removal easier in case of harsh winds and storms.

Model Numbers: 

  • SD101010IN
  • SD121210IN
  • SD141410IN
  • SD161610IN
  • SD181810IN
  • SD202010IN
  • SD222210IN
  • SD242410IN
  • SD262610IN
  • SD282810IN
  • SD303010IN
  • SD343410IN
  • SD363610IN
  • SD383810IN

Fabric Type: Non-Waterproof

Retractability: Elbow-Only Retractable

Shape: Square

UV Blocking: 92-98%

Commercial Shade Structures for Playgrounds and Parks

We have an impressive selection of canopy shades from top brands at low prices. A sun shade canopy can make a tremendous difference in how families and children enjoy the spring and summer months on days with clear skies and warm weather, and we can help you find just the right shade structure for your space.

A visit to a playground is an excellent way for kids to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air, but sun exposure can cause play structures to get hotter as the day progresses. As the temperature of the equipment increases, kids risk burning their hands, arms, and any other body parts or areas exposed. A quality playground canopy can help to keep kids and their outdoor play equipment safe. Sunshade covers should be a part of your overall plan when shopping for play systems and accessories.

We have many different sizes and styles of coverings for parks or playgrounds, so you’re sure to find ones you like. Our outdoor shade structures are available with fabric or metal roofs, and they come in an assortment of colors; the exact colors available will depend on which specific shade structures you choose. Our styles include rectangular, square, hexagonal, and sail canopies, and we also carry sun shades that attach to benches and picnic tables. Our outdoor canopies for schools are ideal for protecting equipment and areas where children play and where they stop to rest.

Exposure to the sun can cause worse problems than just discomfort for children or adults: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause overheating or sunburns. Having a playground canopy in place to cover picnic areas and other seating in parks or public play spaces can help keep people safe from such health hazards. Establishments that have patios, such as restaurants or coffeehouses, as well as public plazas can also benefit from providing commercial shade structures, so it’s good to know that our outdoor canopies for schools can be made to suit businesses, too.

We make it easy for businesses, schools, and anyone else to buy affordable and durable outdoor shade covers online.