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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Giant Gorilla Statue For Sale

From the Toscano Grand-Scale Animal Wildlife Collection , Our giant gorilla sculpture is perfect for social media photo ops with the whole team!

Our life-size, black-back gorilla statue is so realistically sculpted that he's likely to be mistaken for one of his living, breathing, great ape namesakes. Found in Africa's dense jungles, gorillas are fearless combatants. One swing of this primate's mighty arm can kill a man. At a full yard tall, our muscular black-back gorilla statue is realistically sculpted and cast in designer resin, each lifelike detail finished with the utmost authenticity. This absolutely arresting, high-profile sculpture is such a magnetic draw that we've seen even the most fearful of visitors tamed into excitedly climbing his giant palm, posing and saying "cheese!" The kids will love having their pictures taken with this King of the Gorillas statue, and parents will love sharing awesome photos of their kids online.

This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!