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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Why Buy from Us?

The OWS Satisfaction Guarantee


At Outdoor Workout Supply, we stand behind the quality and performance of our products with absolute confidence. That's why we offer a comprehensive One-Year Complete Satisfaction Guarantee on top of the standard warranties you already get when purchasing our equipment. If at any point within the first year of ownership you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we commit to making it right. Our guarantee covers any issues related to quality and performance, and we will resolve these through replacements, adjustments, or additional support, at no additional cost to you.

We want you to feel secure in your investment, knowing that our priority is your complete satisfaction. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with any concerns, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of excellent.


Our goal at OWS - "To provide our customers with the best purchasing experience possible.  From ensuring you choose the right product or equipment, through the receipt and eventual use of the equipment, we aim to give a great experience throughout!"


When it comes to purchasing your commercial equipment, it's important to choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier. At Outdoor Workout Supply, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and a range of benefits that set us apart from the competition.


Great Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to deliver outstanding service at every step of the purchasing process. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is smooth and enjoyable.

Mistakes happen!  That could be during the manufacturing process, it could be a typo in the paperwork, or even an issue with the equipment once it arrives or once it's in use.  We aren't only responsive during the buying portion of the process, but if an issue pops up at any point it's our goal to get that resolved for you ASAP!  

We can't say every purchase will be perfect but we can say that we treat every customer like we want you to come back so we'll do everything we can to remedy any hiccups as quickly as possible.

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Installation Services

Here at OWS, we understand that assembling and installing some of the equipment we sell can be a complex and burdensome task. That's why we offer professional installation services to provide a turnkey solution and ensure the process is easier for you.

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Price Match Guarantee

Love our Timeliness and Service, but don't like our Price?

We believe in offering our customers the best value for their money. If you get a quote for a lower price for the same product elsewhere, send us the quote and we will match it!  (OR beat it when possible)

Our price match guarantee ensures that you get the most competitive price without compromising on quality. You can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the best deal available.

There are a host of reasons you may see differing prices online for seemingly the same products:

Out of Date Pricing - Prices that you see online can often lag behind pricing updates from manufacturers leading to varying advertised prices

Low Price with Low Service - Some companies sole goal is to provide the lowest possible price, strictly to make a sale.  We also want to grow as a business but ultimately it takes a profitable business in order to employ quality team members and provide great customer service.  We will price match whenever possible, but as with anything there's only so much we can discount our services and simultaneously provide a high level of service.

Lack of Product Understanding - Often times products will come with necessary accessories priced separately.  That could be surface mounted plates for surface mounted equipment, or an anchor system for a pool lift, etc.  We try to show as much of the costs involved upfront to provide full transparency.

Lack of Freight Understanding - If a company doesn't have experience with certain types of equipment they may not understand the costs involved for shipping, thus showing you a lower price upfront only to provide a more expensive price on the backend.  Through our Request a Quote process we aim to give you the total price as quickly as possible so you can appropriately plan your purchase.


REGARDLESS THE REASON ~ If you love our service but don't like our price, send us your quote for a lower price and we'll beat or match the price whenever possible!


When you choose Outdoor Workout Supply, you can trust that you are making a smart investment in high-quality equipment. Our commitment to great service, installation assistance, and price match guarantee make us the ideal choice for all your outdoor fitness needs.


Contact us today and experience the OWS difference.