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Best Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Parks in 2023 (Top 6 Options)

Outdoor Fitness equipment for parks

Are you in charge of purchasing outdoor fitness equipment for parks in your area?

Whether you're looking to build the ideal outdoor fitness area for your community, or if you simply want to promote outdoor fitness and wellness, you should know about some of the best outdoor workout equipment for parks available on the market. Every piece of fitness equipment that we'll talk about today will both improve the physical health of those who use it and also create a fun and social environment.

Top 6 Options:

ActionFit Joint Use Pull-Up Bar Station

Actionfit joint use outdoor pullup station

ActionFit Push-Up Station

Actionfit outdoor pushup station

ActionFit Sit-Up Station

actionfit outdoor situp station

ActionFit Body-Curl Station

actionfit outdoor body curl station

ActionFit Step-Up Station

actionfit step up station

ActionFit Horizontal Chin-Up Station

actionfit horizontal chinup station

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What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Fitness Equipment For a Park? 

There are several considerations purchasers should weigh when looking to purchase playground equipment or outdoor fitness equipment for any recreational space. A few of the factors that should go into the decision making process include: 

Are these quality materials that will hold up to constant use, by multiple users, all day everyday?

You'll need commercial grade fitness equipment that's manufactured for the outdoors and built to stand up to repeated use from fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Ideally the equipment should hold up to sunshine, daily physical activity, inclement weather and be mounted in a way that will hold up over time. A proper mount also ensures you won't endanger any of your users.

Is there a designated area for fitness equipment in the park or do we need to create one?

Pending the space available you may opt to create a dedicated area for your outdoor fitness equipment that creates the feel of an outdoor gym. You may also choose to go with the popular option of placing the fitness stations around a track or the perimeter of the playground. There really isn't a wrong answer.

If space is a concern we recommend you choose an option like our ActionFit Compact Course that was designed to use space as efficiently as possible.

Can school age children safely use this park exercise equipment? 

All of the outdoor exercise stations we're referencing were designed for ages 13 and up. That being said, children of all ages can stand to reap the benefits of outdoor physical activity with adult supervision. Outdoor play and healthy lifestyles are great for both kids and adults alike, and furthermore working alongside adults may encourage kids to give their very best efforts. Plus one for the fitness park!

What's your budget? 

Before you get too invested in the idea of your ideal fitness park, you need to consider your monetary allowances and all of the expenses involved. Most notably these will include the purchase of the equipment itself, shipping costs and any necessary installation services you may require for your "outdoor gym". More often than not, installation can be handled in house but it helps to understand your budget and work backwards from there.

Best Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Parks in 2022

Now let's dive into some of the best options for your fitness park (or fitness playground area:

ActionFit Joint Use Pull-up Bar Station

ActionFit Joint Use Bar Pull-up Station (Outdoor fitness equipment for park)

Number one addition to any fitness park or outdoor gym space!

Community parks should have a pull-up bar station to help people start their fitness routine off right. In terms of fitness equipment, it is the ideal piece to lure people of all ages in to see what they can do about their physical health. The pull-up bar station has bars set at different heights for people of all heights and ages to enjoy. 

As far as park fitness equipment is concerned, the pull-up bar station is a no-brainer and is a standard piece of workout equipment. Most people enjoy doing pull-ups as part of their fitness routines and see them as the pinnacle of bodyweight exercises.

The pull-up bar station is sturdy and made of quality materials. It's built to withstand constant use and even to be subjected to the various weather elements that will surely impact it as well. If users utilize the pull-up bar station properly, they should see improvements to their arm strength and upper body muscles after regular use.

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ActionFit Push-Up Station

ActionFit Push-up Station (Outdoor exercise equipment for parks)

"Drop and give me twenty!"

This classic line is spoken in movies and by drill sergeants looking to whip his recruits into shape. He says this, and of course the recruits know that he's referring to - push-ups. They are an integral part of a full-body workout for most people. 

A push-up station is a great piece of exercise playground equipment because it enables users that are unable to do push-ups on the ground to elevate their arms and still be to complete the movement. The push-up is also a very traditional exercise that people are familiar with which will likely increase engagement with the new equipment.  

Push-ups are so interwoven into the fabric of what it means to work out that people will be highly disappointed if they don't see an area in the outdoor fitness space where they're able to get their push-ups done. The public will very much appreciate a push-up station built in the playground exercise equipment area. 

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ActionFit Sit-Up Station

 ActionFIt Sit-up station (outdoor fitness equipment for parks)

"Feel the Burn!"

When people think of exercises that make up a normal workout routine, sit-ups are usually near the top of the list. Aside from more user engagement and familiarity, the sit-up station gives a place to do the exercise off the ground which makes it highly practical in a park setting.  

Also, when choosing equipment for your fitness park it helps to look at the equipment in terms of exercising the full-body. Upper-body exercises, lower-body exercises, and core exercises. Ultimately, this will be what your patrons are looking for in the equipment you select. The ActionFit Sit-up station fills into the core category nicely.

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ActionFit Body-Curl Station

ActionFit Body-Curl Station (Outdoor exercise equipment for parks)

Speaking of equipment designed to allow your user's to strengthen their cores..

The ActionFit Body-Curl station takes abdominal training to an even higher level than the traditional sit-up station we just referenced. You should take varying fitness levels into account when you're choosing your fitness park layout, and the body-curl station allows more experienced users to benefit equally with beginners.

It also helps to offer variety with your exercise stations. Users will appreciate the ability to do various exercises that still allow them to work their core muscles. Multiple core stations would be especially practical if your plan is to spread out the equipment along a track or trail to create a fitness trail challenge course. You'll be able to spread them out along the trail to switch up user's fitness routines. 

 Check here for pricing on the Body-Curl station



ActionFit Step-Up Station

ActionFit Step-up station (outdoor workout equipment for parks)

Could taking some simple steps really help a person accomplish their exercise goals?

Cultures that walk up a lot of stairs or otherwise simulate stepping up frequently live a lot longer than the global average. It's no secret that society is becoming more and more unhealthy and sedentary by the day. Insert the ActionFit Step-Up station.

User's heart rates will climb rapidly as they use this part of the outdoor gym. This exercise station will enable your users to work on weight loss goals while also improving how well their heart functions. Quality multitasking. The step-up station can be utilized by all ages and modified to both beginners and more experienced patrons.  

Check here for pricing on the Step-Up station


Horizontal Chin-Up Station

ActionFit Horizontal Chin-up Station (Outdoor fitness equipment for parks)

What if I told you not everyone is capable of doing pull-ups?

Pull-ups are a great exercise, but the pull-up bar station isn't the only upper-body exercise station you should consider for your fitness park. However great pull-ups may be, they're also a difficult exercise for beginners and they can take some time to achieve. The Actionfit Horizontal Chin-up station will allow your patrons that aren't at that level yet to still be able to partake in the outdoor fitness activities.

Like previous pieces, the Horizontal chin-up station also brings variety and options to your user's fitness routines. Aside from that in the case of a fitness trail or challenge course, you have the ability to spread out your upper-body exercise stations. It's often overlooked but this particular piece of equipment makes for an excellent addition to an outdoor fitness park. 

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All of the outdoor fitness stations referenced are made of quality materials and built to stand up to the weather and constant, heavy use.

There's a lot more that goes into choosing the proper outdoor exercise equipment for a park than people think. Of course any physical activity is better than none, but if you want to maximize the usage of the new equipment and create the feel of an outdoor gym then it helps to have a plan:

  • Account for various fitness levels

  • Choose equipment based off of your normal demographic

  • Full-Body Workouts- Select stations that allow users to exercise their entire body

Stick to those parameters and your decision process should become much simpler. Encouraging outdoor fitness at your park by investing in equipment is a great step to creating and becoming a healthier community.  


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