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3-Point Sail Shade Structure

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With the 3-point sail from USA SHADE, you can bring shade to your property, increase aesthetic appeal and help protect assets on the grounds. We have our 3-point shade sail in various sizes and color options to fit your unique applications and aesthetic preferences. Work with us to get custom-designed solutions for your property shade needs. Versatile, durable and visually appealing, our products deliver long-term performance for your business.

Product Features:

The attractive, durable 3-point sail from USA SHADE offers excellent sun protection for various commercial and recreational settings. Product features include:

  • Heights up to 40 feet per side.
  • Joined options for additional installation flexibility.
  • Multiple color choices.
  • High-quality fabric.

3-Point Sail Benefits

Our 3-point shade sail offers many benefits for your venue:

  • Shade makes your business more inviting during hot, sunny weather.
  • You can choose from a range of colors to complement your setting and meet your preferences.
  • Flexible sizing enables your business to adapt to evolving conditions and customer requirements.
  • Water- and UV-resistance contribute to a longer product life span and help maintain the shade's attractive appearance.
  • The low-maintenance design saves time and frees your team to perform other essential tasks.
  • Our knowledgeable team can assist with customization — we'll bring your vision to life.

Top Industries for the 3-Point Shade Sail

This advanced shade structure serves various purposes. Use it to cover a comfortable seating area at a commercial business center so employees can meet outside the office. It can also provide a cool, refreshing spot at parks, playgrounds and public swimming pools. 

School campuses are another great venue for 3-point shade sails. These shades can create a place for students to gather between classes, at lunch or during study sessions. Beachfront areas can use the structures to allow visitors to take a break from the sun and heat. Amusement parks can set up the sails at strategic areas throughout the property as well.

Why Choose Commercial Shade Sails?

Our 3-Point, 4-Point Hypar, and 5-Point Sails provide any venue with a modern, innovative look, as well as plenty of shade! Varying column heights (each column can be a different height) allows the fabric to conform to a unique shape. Our shade sails are great for commercial projects and are sometimes known as shade kites because of their shape.

No matter where you're trying to bring shade, a commercial sun shade canopy offers many advantages:

  • These commercial shade sail structures are highly customizable, offering plenty of color, size, and shape options to ensure you get the look you want for your venue.
  • Canopies protect from the sun without creating heavily shaded areas.
  • Commercial-grade sun sail shades can be made from a variety of fabrics, offering the level of UV and even weather-proofing protection you want.
  • With different-sized sun sail posts and bright colors, your shade can be very visually appealing, drawing more visitors to your outdoor space.
  • Commercial shade sails are designed to offer maximum protection from the sun, keeping visitors safer from UV rays and more comfortable, even on hot days.

Applications for Commercial-Grade Shade Sail

USA SHADE's commercial-grade shade sail designs are flexible, allowing these shade structures to be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Playgrounds and play areas
  • Outdoor seating and dining areas
  • School outdoor areas
  • Car washes
  • Car dealerships
  • Parking areas
  • Outdoor areas at daycares
  • Outdoor areas at places of worship
  • Military outdoor areas
  • Outdoor areas at resorts and spas
  • Sports fields and bleachers
  • Pools and beaches
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Community outdoor areas
  • Condo and residential areas
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