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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Aqua Creek Ranger 2 ADA Pool Lift™

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$4,595.00 - $4,595.00
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Color: Ranger 2 Pool Lift- Blue

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Small, compact, non-rotational lifts designed for mostly in ground pools and spas with minimal curb clearances up to 2-inches.

The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Pro Pool Series, Ranger™ 2 lift is very affordable and is the perfect choice for most in-ground pools or spas.  The Ranger™ 2 can be found in hundreds of hotels and motels as well as backyard pools throughout the world.  This is a unique, non-rotating lift that also provides a low profile and small footprint making it an incredibly solid, durable, and reliable product that blends in with almost any décor. 

Users access their pools sitting in the seat parallel to the lift and side of their pool in a single out-and-down motion.  This seating position, and the smooth motion into the pool, gives the user a greater feeling of security.

Low profile, small footprint, and ease of operation - all these reasons and more make
the Ranger 2 our #1 selling pool lift. Often copied but never duplicated, this timeless lift is field reversible and easy to both operate and troubleshoot. 



  • ADA compliant & UL certified
  • 350 lb (160 kg) weight capacity
  • Adjustable base plate
  • Stable, non-rotational design
  • Field reversible
  • Stainless steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Limited five (5) year warranty
  • Made in USA

Catalog Part Numbers

  • F-RNGR2: Ranger™ 2 Lift, anchor not included, white/blue
  • F-RNGR2-T: Ranger™ 2 Lift, anchor not included, white/tan
  • F-RNGR2-G: Ranger™ 2 Lift, anchor not included, white/gray
  • F-RNGR2-W: Ranger™ 2 Lift, anchor not included, white/white
  • F-RNGR2-C: Ranger™ 2 Lift, anchor not included, choose colors

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    Q: I have a spa with benches, do I need to use the footrest or can it be removed?

    A: The footrest can be removed in cases where the seat comes down onto a bench or just to gain additional clearances.  In commercial applications for spas, the ADA actually indicates that footrests are optional and not required.

    Available Lift Powder Coat Colors:

    • Cloud white (standard)
    • Coastal grey
    • Beijing beige
    • Want a custom color?  Ask us!




    An impromptu testimonial taken by a camera phone at the Chicago Abilities Expo. Listen in to hear what this customer has to say about Aqua Creek Product’s Ranger Pool Lift.


    “I just want to thank your team for all of the help I received identifying and resolving my Ranger Pool Lift battery and control box issue. You never really know what you have bought until you need help with it. Your entire team passed that test with flying colors. Your support team was so patient with me and really knew their stuff.  Like I told the team members I talked to. The lift has been fantastic for my Sis. She is stuck in a wheel chair and it’s only when she is in the pool she can stretch out and exercise.  We were able to resolve the issue within a about a week and my sis is going to use the pool today. My sis means the world to me and I am so happy that this lift has worked so well for her. I just can’t tell you in words.  Thank you so much!”

    Jack D.

    Sarasota, FL

    “I recently stayed at a Country Inn and Suites in Mishawauka Indiana. We were visiting my son in College and were due to just stay overnight and attend church with him in the morning at the University. At breakfast I noticed a chair next to the pool, upon inspection we realized that it is a pool lift for handicapped people. I have been in a wheelchair for over 10 years now and was amazed to see the hotel had one. We immediately asked to stay an extra day and after church went to buy something to swim in and came back to the hotel to use the pool. It was amazing. You get into the chair from your chair and someone lowers you with a remote into the water. It slowly turns out over the water as it lowers you into the water. It goes all the way down so that your legs are completely immersed. For me that means no more pain and in the water I actually have the ability to walk. I was able to walk and bend my knees and completely relax for over an hour. Then I literally went and sat back in the chair, as it slowly raised me out of the water and over to the side where my wheelchair was waiting. It was amazing and so easy to use. I personally had an issue several years ago when I was in a hotel pool and I was unable to get out and we needed to call 911 for help. This lift actually made such a difference and I look forward to returning to the hotel again and again. These lifts change peoples lives, and make them able to have some normalcy back into their lives. Even after only session my body felt better and my mobility improved. Thank goodness I discovered Aqua Creek Lifts.”

    Marge M.

    Carol Stream IL

    “I have to tell you what an incredible company you are! During the time of COVID, our pool lift stopped working and we were left without access to a very important part of life. I could not ask for help to get my son in the pool because of isolation and physical distancing and we live alone together. He was really missing our time in the pool.  Aqua Creek obviously represents a forward thinking company who focuses on people over profit. We truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything.”

    Michelle W.