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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Aqua Creek The ProTone™ Fitness Machine

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People with different abilities now have access to a fitness machine that they can operate themselves. The ProTone™ fitness machine is a new venture for Aqua Creek to fulfill our passion to provide access to fitness activities for people of all abilities.

The ProTone™ is a high quality, independent fitness solution for wheelchair users. An all new, affordably priced commercial quality fitness machine, designed specifically to allow people with disabilities to independently gain strength, stay fit, healthy and happy. Strength training is the way to get stronger, and stronger means easier and safer transfers, position adjustments, chair movements, and virtually all daily activities.  

The ProTone™ Fitness Machine is uniquely designed to provide the ultimate workout for those with limited mobility and gripping capabilities. It’s sliding and hand crank adjustments with no grip locking knobs and handles allow for easy manipulation and adjustment by individuals with disabilities. The sliding weight sled allows individuals to devise a work out specifically geared towards their own capabilities easily and without assistance from others.

The ProTone™ provides a great workout without weight plates but we include two (2) ten-pound weight plates for those needing a more demanding workout. Many industry standard weight plates that you may already have on hand, may also be used. The ProTone™ is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

The ProTone™ Fitness is ideal at rehabs, hospitals, gyms, colleges, fitness centers, as well as private residences. Commercial quality fitness equipment at a home gym price!

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  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Construction
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Handy storage area for cell phone and drink
  • No-Grip Adjustment Knobs
  • Durable Sealed Bearing Pulleys
  • Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings
  • 7 Strand, 3/16 inch, Nylon Coated Steel Cable
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Item Number:

  • F-PTN – ProTone™ Fitness Machine

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Q: Who can use the ProTone?

A: The ProTone was designed to be used by people with disabilities.  Due to the unique design of it, it is especially useful for persons with quadriplegia caused by C4-C5 and below injuries and who have some movement in their arms.  With that said, pretty much anyone who still has some mobility in their upper body is able to use the ProTone.

Q: I have limited grip strength due to my injuries, can I still use the ProTone?

A: Yes.  The uniquely designed handles and grips allow for easy manipulation by someone with limited gripping abilities.

Q: One side of my body is weaker than the other; can I still use the ProTone?

A: Absolutely.  Resistance can be set differently for each side of your body or you can exercise just one side of your body at a time.  The choice is entirely yours!

Q: Can a tall person or a person in a taller or a power wheelchair still use the ProTone?

A: Yes.  The large crank handle that lowers and raises the main upper cross member is designed to be done quickly and easily by someone with limited gripping abilities.

Q: Can a manual wheelchair user operate the ProTone without tipping over?

A: Yes.  When using a manual wheelchair we strongly urge locking your wheel brakes especially when doing chest presses or rowing exercises.  We also suggest ordering the ProTone with the optional back rest to help prevent tipping over backwards if you forget to lock your brakes.

Q: Can a person with little or no tricep strength still use the ProTone?

A: Yes.  Since the ProTone allows for independent adjustments for height and width on each side of the body, it makes it possible for someone to compensate for less tricep (or other muscle) strength.

Q: Will the ProTone help strengthen all the upper-body muscles?

A: Yes.  With the ability to perform so many different exercises, the ProTone’s ability to strengthen your upper-body is only limited by your level and type of injury and your current condition.

Q: Can I strengthen my back and stomach muscles with the ProTone?

A: Provided you still have some innervations in your trunk, the ProTone will strengthen the back and stomach muscles specifically through the rowing and chest press exercises.

Q: How long does it take to assemble the ProTone?

A: The ProTone requires very little assembly.  It is shipped on a pallet in three parts using 6 bolts to assemble.  Other than the 6 assembly bolts, you have to run the cable through the pulleys.  Average time to assemble would be about 30-45 minutes.