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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis- Uptown Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Original price $6,855.00 - Original price $7,632.00
Original price
$6,855.00 - $7,632.00
Current price $6,855.00

Expected Shipping Time: 6-8 weeks
Color: Natural Grey with Black lines

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**Please Note - We will not be able to provide a liftgate at time of delivery for this item.  The game tables are too heavy so freight companies won't be able to offload with a liftgate.  Forklift or other means to unload the shipment will work, and typically customers can arrange this themselves.  If this creates an issue for you please let us know and we can explore options to help you offload the equipment from the truck, but please note this can be relatively expensive, so we advise customers to exhaust all of their own options first.**


Function + Fun

The Uptown Table Tennis Table has transformed into what it is today over the last 8 years. The robust design of the Uptown Table makes it a great addition to any outdoor area.

The Uptown Model is our most popular product, and a great way to add Permanent Outdoor Ping Pong to your outdoor area.

Every Uptown Table is customized to order. Choose from a variety of options including the color for tops and legs, the net design and color, and even designs on the table surface.


  • Proprietary Triple reinforced concrete
  • Beautiful integrally colored concrete
  • Regulation lines and low reflectivity
  • Excellent play surface
  • Vandal resistant fasteners
  • SOLID concrete no hollow spots underneath
  • Installs on flat grass or existing solid surfaces
  • Easy 1 hour set up and may be relocated if needed
  • Designed for over 50-100 years of usable life
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Shipped WORLDWIDE

Product Downloads

Installation Instructions


Area Design & Table Dimensions

Warranty & Care Maintenance


The finished products are satin smooth. Ball bounce and play meet ITTF standards except for the durable steel nets. The nets are 3/8” steel with powder coating. The nets are ALWAYS custom designed for each unique project! Underneath all that beauty, the engineering is overdesigned for long term durability. All tables are produced using  proprietary triple reinforced concrete. And the tables are finished using quality anti-graffiti coating for long term beauty even in the roughest public venues.

Who buys this?

Parks, schools, homeowners, military, condo’s, hotels, resorts and businesses. Being able to play ping pong outdoors helps bring people together and increase interaction amongst the community. Our permanent outdoor tables  are a great addition to any backyard bbq or pool area.


Ugrade - 3/8" Powder coated steel net - $481.00

NET ALONE - 3/8" Powder coated steel net - $489.00

Stainless - 1/4" Stainless net - $599.00