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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Cypress Cantilever Shade Structure

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Cypress Cantilever

One of our latest cantilever designs, the Cypress Cantilever structure features a pitched roof system from front to back, as well as the spectacular look of the bow from side to side.

Product Features:

  • A uniquely tensioned roof design
  • Joined option available
  • Low maintenance 

Benefits of Commercial Cantilever Shade Structures

Cantilever shade structures are highly versatile and work great in a number of environments. If you need to arrange seating, offer a clearer view, or set up tables, commercial shade structures offer you the extra space you need without the obstruction of posts.

A cantilever shade offers many benefits. In a pool area or in any sports or aquatic context, it can block out harmful and glaring sun rays, letting both athletes and fans enjoy comfortable views without posts getting in the way. It can help enhance the performance of swimmers and athletes by providing a more comfortable and reduced-glare environment.

Cantilever Parking Shade Structures

For car washes and car parking lot areas as well as dealerships, parking lot shade structures shade and protect cars, ensuring they don’t get overheated. At the same time, these shade structures keep both customers and employees comfortable and cooler. Commercial car park shade structures are an especially good idea because they can drive more business to you.

With a large shade over your car dealership, car wash or parking lot, your business instantly becomes more visible from the street, allowing you to enjoy more traffic. With USA SHADE, you can even customize your shade to match your company color or you can add a logo to your shade so it acts as a marketing message.

Large Canti shades are also a great option for parking lots, car dealerships and car washes because they improve visibility. If you own a dealership, this sort of shade protects your cars while letting them stay visible to potential customers passing by. And in parking lots, Canti shades allow customers to spot their cars easily.

Cantilever Car Wash Shade Structures

Additionally, cantilever shade structures make great shade options for car washes! If you own a car wash, you likely have invested considerable time and money into your business. However, how much time have you devoted to the idea of car wash canopies? The reality is that if you want to serve your customers and attract more business, a car wash canopy can offer several key strategic advantages:

  • It can allow you to develop an outdoor wait area for customers. An outdoor shade canopy or awning can be used to create an outdoor space for customers to wait. While customers wait for their cars, they can enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable setting, encouraging them to come back again and again.
  • It can help you with branding and advertising. It’s hard to miss a large car wash shade, especially if it’s printed with your business logo and name or is in a bright color. With USA SHADE, you can create custom car wash awnings and shades that catch the eye of customers driving by, encouraging more business for your car wash.
  • It can show customers you care about their car. Customers pay a lot of money to buy their cars and even store them in environment-controlled conditions during the winter. When you provide a shaded area for customers to park their cars, you’re treating them and their cars as VIPs, and customers are sure to remember that.
  • It can help you protect your employees. Your employees can enjoy a pleasant outdoor space to work and relax when you offer shaded areas. This can make workers more productive and can help you keep morale high while keeping your team comfortable on the job.
  • It can be a great investment in your business. USA SHADE structures can last for many years, meaning you can continue attracting customers to your business for a long time.

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