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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Dero Bike Depot™ (Bike Shelter)

by Dero
Original price $7,989.00 - Original price $7,989.00
Original price
$7,989.00 - $7,989.00
Current price $7,989.00
(Starter Unit) Finish Options: Galvanized

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Whether the project is at a transit station, university campus, or residential building, the Bike Depot’s modular design lets customers easily build out to meet their space requirements. They also have the option to fully enclose the Bike Depot with heavy-duty wire mesh and double doors to create the perfect, long-term bike station, or keep it open for public accessible, short-term parking.

Surface Mount Only–Corrugated metal roof–Racks NOT included


All Options Open

The Bike Depot accommodates nearly all Dero commercial grade bike parking systems. Here are a few of the most efficient options.

Submittal Sheet


Up to 14 Bikes


Uprights: 4” x 3/16” square tube.
Feet: 3/8” plate
Truss: 4” x 1/8” square tube, 1/8” plate, 1/4” plate
Purlin: 2” x 4” x 1/8” tube
Roof Panels: Type S deck 26g galvanized steel
Panels: 2” x 2” x 3/16” wire mesh, 2” x 14g square tube
      • Galvanized
      An after fabrication hot dipped galvanized finish is our standard option. Pre-fabrication galvanizing is standard on panel components.
      • Powder Coat
      Our powder coat finish assures a high level of adhesion and durability by following these steps:
      1. Sandblast
      2. Epoxy primer electrostatically applied
      3. Final thick TGIC polyester powder coat.
      MOUNT OPTIONS: Surface. Only Shelter has 10” square feet which must be anchored to the ground with supplied anchors.



      Consult local building codes for acceptable setbacks and placement.

      LOAD DATA:

      Dead Load: self weight of structure
      Live Load: 40 psf
      Wind Load: 90 mph exposure B
      Seismic Load: moderate
      Footing: see page 5 under product downloads (brochure)
      Anchors: 1/2” diameter x 4.25” Simpson Strong-bolt 2 


      Solar powered lights are available for an additional charge.


                                 No Cage                                            W/ Cage
               no cage       add cage

      Product Downloads

      Brochure/Submittal Sheet/Installation

      Bike Parking Guide

      Not all bike parking is created equal. Bad bike parking happens. Sometimes it’s an accident or a mistake. But with a little planning and consideration, bike parking can be easy. At Dero, we like to see good bike parking. We also don’t like to see money wasted on solutions that don’t work. Click here to see the Dero Bike Parking Guide.