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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Dero Meter Hitch™

by Dero
Original price $345.00 - Original price $345.00
Original price
$345.00 - $345.00
Current price $345.00
Finish Options: Galvanized

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Parking for Bikes, Too!

Based on our popular Bike Hitch, the Meter Hitch is designed to fit into the streetscape. The Meter Hitch has a minimal footprint and is a bicyclist favorite for its ease of use and solid bike support. Planners also appreciate that design restricts bikes to parking parallel with the rack so bikes will not interfere with pedestrian right of way or the street.

Pricing applies to capped and uncapped options. Capped option available for poles with meters removed

Please contact us for stainless steel pricing.

Submittal Sheet


2 Bikes


Centerbeam- 2.5” schedule 40 pipe

All Meter Hitches are made based on existing pole dimension to be provided by customer. Please verify all post dimensions with Dero before ordering.


  • Galvanized

An after fabrication hot dipped galvanized finish is our standard option.

  • Stainless

Stainless Steel: 304 grade stainless steel material finished in either a high polished shine or a satin finish.

  • Powder Coat

Our powder coat finish assures a high level of adhesion and durability by following these steps:

1. Sandblast

2. Epoxy primer electrostatically applied

3. Final thick TGIC polyester powder coat.


Hitch Mount Meter Hitch slides over existing 2.38” OD parking meter poles. Two tamper-resistant set screws secure the Meter Hitch to the parking meter pole.


Capped (if no meter will remain on the pole)

Uncapped (if meter will remain on the pole)              

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Bike Parking Guide

Not all bike parking is created equal. Bad bike parking happens. Sometimes it’s an accident or a mistake. But with a little planning and consideration, bike parking can be easy. At Dero, we like to see good bike parking. We also don’t like to see money wasted on solutions that don’t work. Click here to see the Dero Bike Parking Guide.