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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Douglas® D-Pro™ 646 MAX Basketball System

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These redesigned adjustable basketball systems are built to the MAX for durability, playing performance and design appeal. The unobstructed “Clear View” tempered glass backboard is available in two sizes and has a rigid aluminum perimeter frame for increased rigidity and performance. Adjusting the goal’s height from 6’ to 10’ is effortless with 2 lift-assist cylinders in play. All weather system features stainless steel parts and the complete unit has a black powder coat finish for ultimate weather protection.  Strong reinforced extension arms overhang 4’ from the 6” square galvanized steel pole. There’s no question that this system is built to handle rugged play in the toughest conditions!

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Reimagine How You Play The Game Of Basketball

Completely redesigned and built to the MAX for durability, playing performance and design appeal, all components of our Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball Systems have been meticulously tested to bring you the all-time best basketball system on the market. Take our word for it.

Our team has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing elite sports equipment and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. So, get ready to slam and bring the arena to your own backyard with Douglas®.

MAX Clear View 42″ x 72″ Backboard 

Our durable, unobstructed, NBA regulation size “clear view” tempered glass backboard has an aluminum perimeter frame supported by a welded steel back frame. This combination allows for a very rigid playing experience and maximum ball response. Unlike traditional “H Frame” backboard supports, the reinforced galvanized steel extension arms attach directly to the perimeter frame, allowing for the preferred, professional “clear view” appearance.  The 646 Model has a 42″ x 72″ tempered glass board that is a full ½” thick which is the same used at all competitive levels such as the NBA and NCAA. Plus, we’ve pre-installed black, one-inch thick molded vinyl backboard padding to give you the best playing experience. Ever.

Pressure Breakaway Goal

The stress of heavy, unsupervised play and repetitive dunks are no match for Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball Systems’ durability and performance. Constructed of robust steel with a CSPC compliant powder-coat finish and featuring a 5/8” thick, 18” steel rim, and a double spring pressure flex breakaway mechanism, our recreational breakaway goal attaches to the MAX clear view backboard with a double reinforced steel backplate. Featuring unique hidden net attachment style hooks along the inside of the hoop, our pressure breakaway goal will withstand the weight of even the most aggressive slam dunks from family members of all ages. You better believe it.

Reinforced Extension Arms

A corrosion-resistant, 1-9/16” x 3-1/8” top reinforced extension arm and lower 2”x4” reinforced extension arm attach to the outer perimeter and the base of the backboard frame allowing for the preferred clear view style. Overhanging the regulation 4’, our Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball Systems provide increased stability and strength and ample room for lay-ups and fast paced game play.

Galvanized Steel Pole

Constructed from 6” square galvanized steel with a 3/16” wall thickness, the Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball System is built to handle rugged play in the toughest conditions. Through decades of design and testing, we have manufactured our one-piece construction galvanized steel pole, equipped with double welded base gussets, with the optimal specifications to minimize shake and vibration. Every steel pole is finished in an attractive black acrylic powder coat to prevent chipping, rusting and corrosion in virtually any environment from coast to coast. For increased aesthetic appeal and to keep our players safe and free from injury, we have included a durable 2” thick fitted pole and base pad with every Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball System. Rest assured, your MVPs are protected.

Stress-Free Height Adjustment

Gamers of any age and any size can dunk for days on their very own Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball System. Effortlessly adjust the goals’ height anywhere from 5-1/2’ to 10’ with two lift-assist, pre-assembled cylinders. The lift-assist ingenuity counterbalances the weight of the backboard so even a small child can raise and lower the goal. The smooth operating adjustable height crank assembly has an easy-to-read gauge allowing you to effortlessly raise and lower in mere seconds. The stainless steel handle is removable to prevent unwanted tampering.

Protective Padding

Form fitted pole and base padding are manufactured with durable black all-weather vinyl that is UV and all weather resistant. Dense foam padding is 2” thick for maximum impact protection. Padding secures in the back with sewn-in overlapping velcro straps. Sleek, molded vinyl backboard padding offers maximum player protection while not interfering with game play. Backboard padding is pre-installed for your convenience.

Easiest Installation Process

A robust anchor system allows for easy and accurate leveling during installation. All systems are set in a structurally sound 4’ deep concrete footing providing a safe and steady base you can trust. Not only are our bolts and base completely covered for player safety, our J-bolt anchor system permits you to dismount your basketball system and move to a new location – all you will have to do is install a new anchor system at the new location. Easy. As. Pie.

All Weather, All Season Protection

Blazing summers, drizzly springs, and icy winters are no match for the ultimate weather protection of our Douglas® D-Pro™ MAX Basketball System. Our team immerses our steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal, preventing rusting and chipping, while providing ultimate weather protection against the elements. All of the fastening hardware is made from stainless steel to ensure your system maintains its structural integrity. Plus, all protective padding is completely weather treated and UV resistant. Rest assured, your system will be protected against the elements, long after the buzzer goes off. We’ve got you covered.

Douglas® Lifetime Limited Warranty

With over five decades of experience manufacturing elite sports equipment and great customer service to help you identify and solve problems, we stand behind our systems and guarantee a lifetime of dunks. Replacement parts are always readily available, so you never have to miss a minute of playtime. We’ve got your back and we’re here to stay.