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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Freenotes Harmony Park Calypso (Outdoor Music Instruments)

Original price $2,854.95 - Original price $3,106.95
Original price
$2,854.95 - $3,106.95
Current price $2,980.95

Expected Shipping Time: 1-2 weeks
Mount Type: Inground
Color: Green

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The Calypso drum is both visually and harmonically reminiscent of island steel drums of the Caribbean

Visually and harmonically reminiscent of island steel drums of the Caribbean, the Calypso inspires joy and the urge to dance whenever it is played. It is the most robust outdoor tongue drum on the market, constructed from 13-gauge stainless steel and featuring unique tab limiters to prevent tongue damage.


  • Style: Tongue Drum
  • Tonal Quality: Bright/Vibrant
  • Notes: 9 Pitched Tongues / Infinite tones on shell
  • Note Material: Stainless Steel
  • Resonated: Yes
  • Key/Scale: F Major Pentatonic
  • Range: Alto/Soprano
  • Color Options: Silver or Green Post
  • Mallets: 2 Black (50 Durometer) - sold separately
  • Dimensions: Ø14-1/4”w x 35-5/8”H x 12-3/4”D

*Finished Height varies based on mounting, post style, and desired age group.

Wee Mallets are not included, but can be purchased separately and easily installed.

  • Part#: CPSO-MA-PAIR-50WEE-24- $$199

Calypso Drum shown with optional mallets. Sold separately.
Calypso Drum only available in iridescent Midnight Shimmer color

Product Download

Calypso Installation Guide

**NOTE: All UltraPLAY Equipment is subject to a 22% steel surcharge fee until further notice. This IS reflected in the current price.**