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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Hip Shade Structure

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Hip shade structures from USA SHADE are available in customizable dimensions to meet your requirements. As one of our most versatile and cost-efficient designs, this innovative solution delivers optimized functionality and features a hip-foot line or single peak. We offer hip canopy sizes from 120 to 1,600 square feet, and you can join multiple canopies together for more expansive coverage. Choose USA SHADE for products that increase your property's appeal to visitors with added shade and exciting design features.

Product Features:

With our hip shade structures, you can cover everything from playgrounds to park picnic tables to amusement park waiting lines. The product is low maintenance, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, offering form and function in one year-round solution. Our expert team at USA SHADE is ready to partner with you and make your creative vision come to life with customized products.

To fit your unique requirements, this product delivers several optimized features:

  • Options for Quick Release (QRE) solutions
  • Double-wide and joined models to increase coverage
  • Maximum shade coverage with a simple structural design

With USA SHADE, you can create custom shade structures to enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and draw visitors to the comfort of the shade.


The "workhorse" of USA Shade's product line. The square and rectangular shade structures bring ample shade and modern design to any outdoor area. This option features simple designs with clean lines and is versatile for many uses.

Square and Rectangle shade structures might be right for you if you need:

  • A more budget-friendly shade solution
  • A simpler design that will not detract from structures already on the property
  • A flexible shade structure that can work for a variety of needs - from pool areas to picnic table areas, hip shade structures have versatile applications.
  • Shade structures with lengths and widths of up to 40 feet (though multiple structures can be combined to provide for an even larger shade area.)


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