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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Infinity Playgrounds- Preschool Picnic Table

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This sturdy table includes an industry standard powder coat metal frame with heavy HDPE plastic top and seats.It is a cool place for snack time, art time, or just hanging out with friends time.


DIMENSIONS: 3’8”L X 3’8”W X 1’8”H


SKU: IP-7038



At Infinity Playgrounds, we believe in harnessing a child’s creative mind. Our commercial themed playground equipment structures immerse kids into a world where they can be whatever they want to be. Our collection includes a fire station, and we recommend adding props—such as helmets and hoses—to complete the experience. For the total package pair, consider the fire station with our fire truck spring rider. Our themed playground equipment also includes our road crew vehicle set that allows children to be the best handy-people in town. Other options include pretending to be a train conductor in our express train, a postal worker in our post office, and more. Inquire about our collection today!

“Forever Building Imaginations Through Play”

All our equipment is built of heavy gauge steel ― commercial grade and built using ASTM and CSPC Guidelines. All materials are manufactured in the United States. You will not have the worry of inferior steel or lead paint associated with imported toys or materials.

We take a holistic approach in designing the playground equipment that promotes children’s physical and social development. Kids all over the country can now play with a full imagination and confidence with the wide array of playground equipment we offer.  

Our goal is to provide a safe, high quality equipment that is developmentally beneficial to children, affordable, and easy to install.

We believe in safe play environments. We are a commercial playground equipment supplier who designs and develops products that will give children an opportunity to develop physically, socially and imaginatively.

We are proud to be a commercial playground equipment supplier who specializes in age-appropriate play equipment that will foster physical well-being and gross motor skill development. Imaginative play builds critical thinking skills used for problem solving. Playing with other children also develops relationship-building skills, confidence and self-esteem.