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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Outdoor-Fit FLEX Multi-Stretch (Corrections)

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Compact, cost effective, and completely safe, the FLEX Multi-Stretch is designed for any fitness level or ability.

Stretching and recovery are crucial elements of any exercise routine, and the Flex Multi-Stretch combines dynamic and static stretching with a rubber roller to optimize those results. Round out your cardio and strength equipment with the Flex Multi-Stretch to provide a holistic approach to fitness that will benefit inmates' physical and mental health.


Combining self-myofascial release techniques with dynamic and static stretching options, the Flex promotes optimal tissue health and resilience with over 18 different stretches that target all major muscle groups.


The integrated rubber roller provides deep tissue release to the body’s most used muscles. The low-maintenance roller is fixed to the unit, completely tamperproof, weatherproof, and constructed from durable rubber.


Constructed from weatherproof materials, like heavy duty steel, rubber, and aluminium and painted with super durable polyester powder, the Flex is built to withstand anything mother nature throws at it.

Product Details

The FLEX Multi-Stretch is built to maximize indoor or outdoor exercise areas, with 18 stretches available.



  • One (1) user
  • One (1) station
  • 18+ different stretches
  • Weatherproof and tamperproof
  • 15-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Width:   38” / 97 cm

Length: 36” / 92 cm

Height:  56” / 143 cm

Weight: 155 lbs / 71 kg

Use Zone: 10’9” x 9’2”

Fall Height: 0"

Shipping Weight: 205 lbs / 93 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 44” wide x 45” long x 62” high / 112 cm wide x 114 cm long x 158 cm high

Instructional Placards: Reverse print with UV-stabilized ink on 1/4” thick Lexan. Bolted to the columns with a stainless steel trim ring using stainless steel carriage bolts.

Frame: Constructed of 3/16” and 1/4” thick heavy-duty steel. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with a smooth, rounded head and square neck.

Roller: The roller is constructed from a synthetic EPDM rubber with a 40 durometer.


  • All parts have surfaces prepped and cleaned of all mill scale, rust, oils, and dirt using shot blast and/or chemical wash.
  • Primer coat is applied with epoxy zinc-rich primer (3-4 mil thickness) and cured in oven.
  • Primer designed for superior rust protection. Tested for 3000 hours of salt spray resistance.
  • Top finish coat is applied with TGIC-FREE weather-resistant polyester powder (3-4 mil thickness) and cured in oven.
  • Tested for 1500 hours of salt spray resistance.
  • All parts inspected to be free of paint defects prior to shipping.

Accessibility: It is the manufacturers’ opinion that the Flex Multi-Stretch conforms to the A.D.A. accessibility standard, assuming an accessible protective surfacing is provided or within the entire use zone.



  • Various grip anchor points for optimal flexibility and mobility techniques
  • Instructional placard with graphics and QR codes for fitness programming and how-to videos

Stretches available:

  1. Standing Cat Stretch
  2. Shoulder Flexion Stretch
  3. Side Bending Stretch
  4. Chest Stretch
  5. Bicep Stretch
  6. Upper Trap Stretch
  7. + More


  • Various grip and foot anchor points for optimal flexibility and mobility techniques
  • Instructional placard with graphics and QR codes for fitness programming and how-to videos

Stretches available:

  1. Hip Swings
  2. Standing Hip Flexor/Calf Stretch
  3. Standing Hip Opener
  4. Figure Four Glute Stretch
  5. Inner Thigh Stretch
  6. Deep Calf Stretch
  7. + More


  • Includes a UV-stabilized 40-durometer urethane rubber roller
  • Instructional placard with graphics and QR codes for fitness programming and how-to videos

Stretches available:

  1. Quadriceps Release
  2. Glute Release
  3. Hamstrings Release
  4. Lateral Hip Release
  5. Calf Release
  6. Mid-Back Release
  7. + More


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Correctional Fitness Equipment That is Prison Proven

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems has been a trusted name in hundreds of North American correctional facilities for over ten years. By producing safe, completely tamperproof, weatherproof, robust, and low-maintenance correctional fitness equipment we help solve the challenges administrations face in delivering fitness options to the inmate population.

Elevating Inmate Fitness

Our range of correctional fitness equipment is more than just exercise. Designed to meet all the requirements of correctional environments, our detention facilities’ gyms equipment is engineered to be completely tamperproof, ensuring safety and security at all times.

We recognize that each correctional facility has its own set of requirements. Our exercise equipment can be seamlessly integrated, while adhering to strict security standards.

Endurance in Every Element

At Outdoor-Fit, we understand that correctional facilities are subject to a wide range of weather conditions. That's why our fitness equipment for correctional facilities is meticulously crafted to be weatherproof and multifunctional, standing firm against rain, snow, heat, and cold. In the quest for inmate well-being, our exercise equipment is an unyielding companion to Wardens, Jail Administrators, Recreation Supervisors, and other correctional personnel.

Empowering Fitness, Minimizing Maintenance

In the world of corrections, maintenance is a concern. Our correctional facilities reliable exercise equipment demands minimal upkeep while consistently delivering top-tier performance. This ensures that correctional administrations can focus on their core duties while inmates get effective workout experiences.

A Holistic Approach to Inmate Well-being

Fitness plays a pivotal role in inmate rehabilitation and well-being. Our fitness equipment contributes to physical health, mental clarity, and positive behavior changes, fostering an environment of transformation.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems specializes in outdoor correctional fitness equipment, expanding workout possibilities beyond the confines of indoor spaces. Inmates can engage in invigorating exercises while experiencing the benefits of fresh air.

Elevate your inmate fitness initiatives with correctional fitness equipment that has been proven within the prisons setting. Experience the reliability, durability, and innovation that define our commitment to enhancing inmate well-being.

Corrections-Fit Equipment Considerations

compact fitness equipment

Multi-User & Space-Saving Design

Compact, multi-user detention facilities gym equipment can accommodate more inmates in less space. Multiple exercise stations can cut down on the competition among groups in the yard, eliminating the conflict over access. Correctional officers will experience positive outcomes after more inmates become engaged in regular exercise. 

safe fitness equipment

Real Exercise Value

Fitness equipment and cardio equipment with real exercise value are critical in a correctional environment, regardless of the fitness level or experience of the inmates. The chance of illness and injury declines when inmates exercise regularly & properly.

tamperproof fitness equipment

Maintenance & Lifetime Costs

Many correctional facilities still provide their inmate population with commercial indoor fitness equipment. Equipment that isn’t correctional grade and tamperproof will be damaged more easily and require more maintenance and replacement parts, leading to higher facility costs.