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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Outdoor-Fit VERSA Hi-Lo Pulley System

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Compact, cost effective, and completely safe, the VERSA Hi-Lo Pulley System is designed for any fitness level or ability.

The popularity of the Apollo’s hi-lo pulley station inspired Outdoor-Fit to create this station as its own stand-alone product. With more than eight exercises targeting the entire body, the Versa is one of the most compact and efficient pieces of outdoor fitness equipment on the market.


Users of all ages and fitness levels can achieve a full-body workout using the Versa. Adjustable weight delivers workout variety and will make every exercise challenging, no matter the user.


The high and low pulley station features a 100 lbs adjustable weight stack allowing users to adjust the weight between 10 and 100 lbs. Our unique locking safety mechanism eliminates pinch points, crush zones, and entrapment areas, creating an ASTM-compliant exercise station.


The full-color instructional placards provide detailed instructions about how to perform the exercises and built-in fitness programming accessible by scanning a QR code with your mobile device.

Product Details

The VERSA is built to maximize indoor or outdoor exercise areas.



  • One (1) user
  • One (1) station
  • 8+ full-body exercises
  • Weatherproof and tamperproof
  • 15-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Width:   15” / 38 cm

Length: 20” / 51 cm

Height:  90” / 229 cm

Use Zone:  7’6” x 4’9” / 228 cm x 144 cm

Weight: 482 lbs / 219 kg

Weight Stack Weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg

Fall Height: 0"

Shipping Weight: 530 lbs / 240 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 36” wide x 40” long x 85” high / 91 cm wide x 102 cm long x 216 cm high

Instructional Placards: Reverse print with UV-stabilized ink on 1/4” thick Lexan. Bolted to the columns with a stainless steel trim ring using stainless steel carriage bolts.

Frame: Constructed of 3/16” and 1/4” thick heavy-duty steel. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with a smooth, rounded head and square neck. The locking nuts are shielded behind a padlocked access hatch.


  • All parts have surfaces prepped and cleaned of all mill scale, rust, oils, and dirt using shot blast and/or 
    chemical wash.
  • Primer coat is applied with epoxy zinc-rich primer (3-4 mil thickness) and cured in oven.
  • Primer designed for superior rust protection. Tested for 3000 hours of salt spray resistance.
  • Top finish coat is applied with TGIC-FREE weather-resistant polyester powder (3-4 mil thickness) and cured in oven.
  • Tested for 1500 hours of salt spray resistance.
  • All parts inspected to be free of paint defects prior to shipping.

Accessibility: It is the manufacturers’ opinion that the Versa Hi-Lo Pulley System conforms to the A.D.A. accessibility standard, assuming an accessible protective surfacing is provided, or within the entire use zone.



  • 100 lbs weight stack with stainless selector pin that travels within a contained security track
  • Adjustable weight stack in 10 lbs increments
  • 1/2” thick Lexan gate covering weight stack
  • Locking lever activates to prevent pinch points and crush zones
  • Instructional placard with graphics and QR codes for fitness programming and how-to videos

Exercises available:

  1. Tricep Press Down
  2. Upper Back Pull Down
  3. Kneeling Cable Crunch
  4. Single Arm Chest Press
  5. Bicep Curl
  6. Back Seated Row
  7. Upright Shoulder Row
  8. Cable Squat
  9. + More


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