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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Equipment 4 Panel Rope Challenger

Original price $10,112.00 - Original price $10,112.00
Original price
$10,112.00 - $10,112.00
Current price $10,112.00
Mount Type: Inground

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With the 4 Panel Rope Challenger climber, kids have the opportunity to use two types of climbers to explore.

Four Rope Wall Climbers join together in the middle of the unit creating a fun climbing space for kids as they travel from rope wall to rope wall. Kids can climb laterally across each of the nets, or simply go right up over the top to reach the other side.

Attached to each rope wall is a Curved Rock Wall Panel. These climbers are much more challenging, since they curve wildly, and have small injection-molded foot grips. Both types of panel are double-sided, which means that they offer plenty of space for numerous children to climb around.

This makes the 4 Panel Rope Challenger a great option for any kids obstacle course or large playgrounds where lots of children play at once. Several components of the structure have colors that can be personalized to your liking.

Model Number: PCH005

Age Range: 5-12

Fall Height: 84"

Zone: 31' 5" x 31' 5"