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Playground Equipment Alchemist Bunker

Original price $9,056.00 - Original price $9,056.00
Original price
$9,056.00 - $9,056.00
Current price $9,056.00
Mount Type: Inground

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At, accessibility is our mission. Another exciting addition to our Castle Series, Alchemist Bunker was designed with the needs of children with disabilities in mind. At the same time, Alchemist Bunker is an ideal choice for playgrounds with many small children, specifically those between the ages 6-23 months. The Store and Bench Panels are perfect for creative, low-intensity activities, while the Ball Maze Panel and Percussion Panel will have kids playing and making music for hours. The modestly-sized, compact nature of Alchemist Bunker makes it great for playgrounds with limited space as well as those that lack a great deal of ground-level activities, such as those found on this structure. With Alchemist Bunker, you can give all your playground-goers, regardless of ability, the opportunity to get creative and exercise their creative and physical muscles.

Product Specifications

Model Number: PCT050

Age Range: 6-23 months

Child Capacity: 12-15

Fall Height: 12"

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Product Type: Castle

Safety Zone: 13' 8" x 13' 8"

ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 0 components

Ground Level: 4 components

Themed Playgrounds

All children love to play, and giving them a safe, constructive place to do so is important for a child’s physical and mental health. Children who play outdoors are not only happier, but they are also more physically fit and motivated to learn. Pretend play that incorporates running, jumping, climbing, and crawling is essential in developing both gross and fine motor skills that will last a child a lifetime. Learning how to play begins at a young age and continues for most people through their elder years.

The playground is often a child’s first imaginative experience outside the home, and themed playground equipment gives children a canvas on which to paint their imaginations. Unlike open or undifferentiated play areas, spaces that incorporate playground themes help develop a child’s imagination by providing structures to play with instead of just on. Themed playground equipment sparks their creativity and can increase their interest in learning about the world around them.