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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Equipment Classic Playground Seesaw

Original price $1,518.00 - Original price $5,302.00
Original price
$1,518.00 - $5,302.00
Current price $1,518.00
Qty: 2 Seats

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The Classic Playground Seesaw is unmatched in its cooperative play potential. Able to hold up to eight children at once, the Classic Playground Seesaw encourages social interaction and physical activity on the playground.

Elementary-aged children can benefit immensely from play amenities that encourage social, cooperative fun, and with the Classic Playground Seesaw, kids can learn to use their legs in conjunction with their peers to bounce up and down on the Classic Playground Seesaw.

Thanks to its commercial-grade construction, the Classic Playground Seesaw can easily withstand most climates and inclement weather conditions, adding to its value and making it a staple of your playground for years to come.

The Classic Playground Seesaw makes for an ideal addition to daycares, preschools, churches, and more, all of which could use some additional play equipment to spruce up the overall space.

Thanks to its customization potential, up to eight kids can have the time of their lives aboard the Classic Playground Seesaw. Please note that this seesaw requires one rubber tire per seat, which you can source yourself or purchase from us.

Model Number:

  • PFS080 (Classic Seesaw - 2 seats)
  • PFS081 (Classic Seesaw - 4 seats)
  • PFS082 (Classic Seesaw - 6 seats)
  • PFS083 (Classic Seesaw - 8 seats)

Age Range: 5-12 years

Product Type: See Saw

Safety Zone:

  • 2 Seats - 15' 11" x 18' 9"
  • 4 Seats - 18' 11" x 18' 11"
  • 6 Seats - 24' 10" x 18' 11"
  • 8 Seats - 28' 11" x 18' 11"