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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Equipment Rose Creek

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$18,170.00 - $18,170.00
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Expected Shipping Time: 1-2 weeks
Color: Primary (Blue/Yellow)
Mount Type: Inground

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Kids can enjoy the excitement of a merry-go-round ride while still getting in the exercise they need with the unique and fun merry-go-cycle. This playground equipment option seats five and is a perfect addition to a playground.

For ages two through five, this product can be the favorite of your local community's kids. Merry-go-round rides are a staple of many different playgrounds across the country, but this cycle-style product offers more exercise and safety compared to its larger counterparts.

The merry-go-cycle allows children to propel the device around in circles while pushing their own pedals. Kids can grow strong leg muscles as they spin around this merry-go-round.

Playgrounds for smaller children rarely focus on building lower-body strength and motor skills, and this bicycle-like product can fill that essential physical activity need. In addition to being able to develop these kinds of skills, children can also get a sense of cooperation, developing important social skills as they all do their part to spin faster.

This one play piece can promote several different skills: physical, social, and communal. That's not bad for one merry-go-round!

Playground equipment like this would serve many different kinds of public and commercial community spaces well. It's a favorite for daycare centers because it's relatively light and can be easily moved inside with some help.

However, it's still durable enough to withstand a bit of bad weather outdoors. Thankfully, this unit does not take up too much space, either, allowing you to incorporate more play pieces into your grounds.

Model Number: PKP018

Age Range: 2-12

Fall Height: 60"

Child Capacity: 33-38

Fall Height: 60"

Post Diameter: 3.5"

Product Type: Quick Ship

Zone: 33' 3" x 28'

ADA Accessibility:

Elevated: 8 Components

Ground Level: 3 Components