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Playground Fitness Royal Double Station Rower

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$4,658.00 - $4,658.00
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Mount Type: Inground

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You may associate rowing with a pleasant, lazy afternoon on a placid lake, but rowing is actually hard work, and a great workout for your body.

By adding the Royal Double Rowing Station to your outdoor workout space, you’ll be providing everyone a great way to strengthen and tone their arms, shoulders, and back, while getting their heart rate up.

Now, people in your community won’t need to find a nearby lake or wait for the weather to clear to get all the benefits of the rowing experience. The Royal Double Rowing Station is an all-weather device, meaning rowers can keep rowing even when the lakes freeze or the water gets too choppy.

Clear instructions will help new users master the rowing technique, so they get those muscles working and avoid injury. The second rower allows partners to coordinate strokes and push their workout partner that little bit further.

So, row, row your way to a healthier, more active community with the Royal Double Rowing Station.

Model Number: PFT026

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Back

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Unit Size: 2' 6" x 11' 3"

Product Specification: