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Playground Fitness Royal Double Station Shoulder Rotation

Original price $3,050.00 - Original price $3,202.00
Original price
$3,050.00 - $3,202.00
Current price $3,050.00
Model: No Resistance
Mount Type: Inground

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The Royal Double Station Shoulder Rotation fitness device is designed to fully stretch out and exercise your shoulder muscles.

These muscles can be very important, especially for people in school who must carry a heavy backpack around all day. It also helps to prevent rotator cuff tears, which can happen if a person doesn’t properly stretch their shoulders before exercising.

The large wheels on each side have hand grips on each side, a moderate width apart. The user stands facing the wheel, firmly grasps one grip in each hand, then rotates the wheel as far as their shoulders will allow, switching directions so that both shoulders get stretched.

For more seasoned users, this unit also features the option to add a resistance component, which helps intensify exercises and stretches facilitated by this station. The station has two wheels, so that two people can use it at the same time. This makes it particularly great for fairly crowded areas.

The Royal model comes with a panel displaying detailed instructions, as well as an attractive molded plastic roof.

Model Number: PFT029 & PFT029WR

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Stretch

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Zone: 2' 11" x 2' 8"

Product Specification:

PFT029 Royal Double Station Shoulder Rotation Sell Sheet