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Playground Fitness Royal Triple Station Tai Chi Hand Swing

Original price $4,578.00 - Original price $4,808.00
Original price
$4,578.00 - $4,808.00
Current price $4,578.00
Model: No Resistance
Mount Type: Inground

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The Royal Triple Station Tai Chi Hand Swing is a simple fitness activity which uses large hand disks that users can spin and manipulate with the palms of their hands.

This simulates the traditional activity of Tai Chi, and can provide similar health and relaxation benefits. By moving their hands in swirling circular motions, users can eliminate stress while practicing important breathing techniques.

Best of all, this device is simple to use and comes with detailed instructions so that anyone can benefit from it easily regardless of their prior experience with Tai Chi.

These instructions include helpful pictures as well as information about the activity’s fitness benefits. This is a great introductory method for those who are interested in trying it out and users with more exercise experience can benefit from the addition of a weighted resistance mechanism, which can be added to this unit. And since there are three individual stations, groups of friends can use it together at the same time.

Model Number: PFT033 & PFT033WR

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Stretch

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Unit Size: 5' 9" x 6' 3"

Product Specification:

PFT033 Royal Triple Station Tai Chi Hand Swing Sell Sheet