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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Equipment Sears Bellows Kids Obstacle Course

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Mount Type: Inground

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Playground Equipment's Sears Bellows Kids Obstacle Course is a perfect system for letting kids build strength and burn off their excess energy.  With so many options this equipment can hold up to 22 children at one time keeping the whole class busy!

Model Number: PGP011

Age Range: 5-12

Child Capacity: 16-22

Fall Height: 96"

Post Diameter: 4.5-inch

Product Type: Get Physical

Safety Zone: 31'3" x 35' 5"

The Sears Bellows is a great structure for promoting physical fitness, with a nature theme mixed in thanks to the Pine Tree Topper at the center of the structure.

A Overhead Parallel Bar Climber, a Curved Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder, and a Pebble Bridge fork outward beneath it, like the tree’s roots, each different and offering their own unique take to climbing. These, in turn, split off into several other great activities, like the Curved PE Rock Climbing Wall, Lookout Step, Vertical Horizon Climber, and Maze Rung Vertical Ladder. There is even a Saddle Slide that they can ride down.

All of these activities encourage the development of healthy muscles, as well as the improvement of agility, coordination, and other skills. With practice, kids will learn how to navigate the structure with ease, effortlessly moving from one activity to the next without pausing or touching the ground, turning them into playground warriors.

This Equipment is also ADA Compliant with:

  • 0 Elevated Components
  • 9 Ground Level Components