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Playground Fitness Single Station Rower

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$1,486.00 - $1,486.00
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Mount Type: Inground

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Add a bit of muscle to your outdoor fitness area with the Single Station Rower.

Working the arms, back and core for a strength building workout, it can cover a few muscle motions in one simple machine. The user simply needs to sit on it with a straight back and pull the handles towards themselves.

As they pull, they are lifting themselves up turning their body into the resistance necessary for muscle building. Set on four sturdy feet, the Single Station Rower stays securely in place as your weight is lifted and set back down.

Made of a combination of high quality plastics and metals, it will be able to handle the demands of heavy use in high traffic areas.

Choose two colors for the metal and plastic portions of this machine to create a unique look or simply match an existing theme.

Model Number: PFT002

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Back

Product Type; Fitness Single

Unit Size: 2' 9" x 4' 7"

Product Specification:

PFT002 Single Station Rower Sell Sheet