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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Fitness Training Day Outdoor Fitness Equipment Package

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Mount Type: Inground

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The Training Day fitness course contains six different exercise machines, which are designed to provide a balanced workout that exercises all areas of the body.

First, there is the Quad Station Warm-Up, which provides four separate warm-up activities that prepare various muscle groups for more rigorous and potentially dangerous workouts.

The Sky Walker allows users to walk in place with gliding steps.

The Sit Up Bench is ideal for working out abdominal muscles.

The Rower provides high endurance exercise for both the arms and legs similar to using an actual rowboat.

The Fit Rider stretches out a user’s legs before more strenuous workouts.

The Single Station Country Skier lets users shift their hands and feet in conjunction with each other for smooth flowing motions that imitate the activity of skiing.

For a fully comprehensive workout that involves all areas of the body, Training Day is a perfect choice.

Color options customizable upon request!

Model Number: PFT102

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Full Body

Product Type: Fitness Course

Unit Size: 13' x 30'