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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Fitness Triple Upper Body Combo Station

Original price $5,870.00 - Original price $5,870.00
Original price
$5,870.00 - $5,870.00
Current price $5,870.00
Mount Type:: Inground

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The Royal Triple Upper Body Combo Station will take an outdoor workout to the next level. This fitness equipment trains the upper body in three distinct ways, including chest, bicep, and shoulder workouts. This unit can accommodate three people at once, so everyone on your playground or outdoor space can get a satisfying upper body workout while enjoying the great outdoors.

As with all Royal series freestanding gym products, the Royal Triple Upper Body Combo Station comes with instructions printed on the center component of the unit, so it’s just as usable for exercise novices as it is for those with more experience. Rather than weighted resistance, which can bog down similar machines with heavy plates, the Upper Body Combo utilizes body weight resistance, allowing beginning fitness enthusiasts to exercise at their own pace and ramp up to more strenuous types of exercise.

Additionally, this line of equipment needs no power supply and offers a low-impact exercise option for teens, adults and seniors.

Model Number:  PFT064 

Age Range:  13 years +

Muscle Group:  Multiple

Product Type:  Fitness Royal