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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Spectrum Aquatics- 1M Rear/Side Access Cheyenne Diving Tower

Original price $16,370.00 - Original price $17,340.00
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$16,370.00 - $17,340.00
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Style: (22121-00) 1M Cheyenne Dive Stand Rear Step

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We are pleased to offer a wide variety of dive stands and diving boards to meet your facilities needs.


The Cheyenne meets all competitive diving regulations and is designed for use with in-ground swimming pools. Fabricated from 304L stainless steel with an exclusive passivation process to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Ladders are included. Custom fabrication is available for any application.


  • Conforms to NSPI standards for diving portions of Class B and C swimming pools

  • Rear and Side Access available

  • Fabricated from 304L stainless steel-exclusive passivation process ensures maximum corrosion resistance

  • Accepts all manufactured diving boards in lengths of 10” to 16′

  • 26" sloping treads with integral non-slip surface and UV inhibitors

  • All main support columns are flanged for ease of installation

  • Foot adjustable fulcrum and a hinged diving board assembly included

  • Custom fabricated for any application

Product Downloads:


22121 1m Cheyenne Rear Step

22123 1M Cheyenne Side Step Diving Tower Product Specifications 

Adjustable Fulcrum Measuring Guide (DIVESTAND-MG-ADJUSTABLE-FULCRUM)


  • KIT-ANCHOR-CHEYENNE-1M & 1/2M - 1.90 REAR (22140-00)

  • KIT-ANCHOR-CHEYENNE-1M & 1/2M-1.90 SIDE (22160-00)

  • FULCRUM ASSEMBLY (205020-04)


SKU: 22121-00 & 22123-00