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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Spectrum Aquatics- Xcellerator® Starting Platform, Dual Post

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Spectrum Aquatics® Xcellerator® Dual Post starting platforms give swimmers an extra boost on starts by allowing the rear leg to start at a 90° angle. Every frame is constructed of high quality US stainless steel, but what really sets our blocks apart from our competitors is the superior nonslip surface.

Xcellerato®r block tops are coated with a grit overlay that provides a level of traction not available in competing products, and our plastic block tops, which are made of low density polyethylene, contain a superior, treaded surface that surpasses industry standards.


Spectrum Aquatics® provides a selection of single and dual post starting platforms to accommodate any deck and gutter configuration for recreational and competition pools.

  • Highest quality stainless steel 
  • Patented no-wobble anchoring system 
  • Flexibility in design – multiple platform tops, setback accommodations, retrofit capabilities


  • All starting platforms can be customized to fit into existing anchors
  • Powder Coating available in any color and a variety of finishes
  • Electropolished and Spectra Shield® coated stainless steel provides a high-quality finish that resists corrosion
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Front hand and toe grips for faster takeoffs
  • Easy-to-read lane numbers visible from all four sides
  • Anchors and covers sold separately
  • Our platforms comply with FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA and NFHS regulations (excluding the Quicksilver)
  • Large 24" x 32" stainless steel non-slip top sloped at a 10° angle for optimal starting stances
  • Extra large 8" x 16" step for easy mount
  • Adjustable track start footrest attachment with 11 locations setting options 
  • Side handles and 18" backstroke U-Bar included to enhance speed and quick takeoffs
  • Non-slip side access step available 
  • Suggested setback of 30" – accommodates anchor setbacks of 18" to 36" 
  • Comes standard black or white top, custom colors and logo options available


  • DUAL POST ANCHOR- 6'' w/ CAPS (24070-00/24070)
  • DUAL POST ANCHOR- 10'' w/ CAPS (24071-00/24071)
  • Starting Block Maintenance Kit (152155)
  • Cover-Starting Block Soft (26315/21400)
  • Cover-Starting Block Hard (153174)
  • Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge (1710083)

Product Downloads


Dual Post Anchor Install (Part # 24070)

Maintenance and Care for Powder Coated Spectrum Starting Platforms

Maintenance and Care for Stainless Steel Spectrum Starting Platforms.


133171 Xcellerator Dual Post Product Specifications

24070 Dual Post Anchor 6 inch

24071 Dual Post Anchor 10 inch


Starting Platforms One Page Sell Sheet


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