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TriActive USA Medium Package

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Color: Green

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This Package consists of six separate TriActive USA outdoor fitness pieces.  A convenient option for a space with a medium footprint or placed as scattered stations. See product information below:


Exercise Bike

The Exercise Bike combines the functionality of an indoor bicycle with the appeal of an outdoor setting. This stationary bike exercises your legs and arms.  It’s ideal for a pre-routine warm-up or post-workout cardio.



The Elliptical Cross Trainer offers the same fluid motion as traditional gym equipment. While developing strength in the legs and hips, it also improves cardiovascular endurance for a whole-body workout.


Pull-up and Dip Station

The Pull Up & Dip Station is a multi-purpose product used to perform: pull-ups, push-ups, dips, leg lifts and stretching exercises. It is designed to help improve strength and flexibility. This is our most indestructible piece of equipment.

The Pull Up & Dip Station is a multi-purpose product used to perform:

- Pull-Ups

- Push-Ups

- Dips

- Leg Lifts

- Stretching Exercises


Sit-up Board

The Sit-Up Board is compact, efficient and effective for abdominal exercises and back stretches.


Combo Chest Press and Pulldown

The Combo Press & Pull combines the seated lat pull and seated chest press, and can accommodate two users simultaneously. This composite fitness structure has a great functional range of motion and is a perfect upper-body workout.



The Rowing Machine offers fluid use and optimal range of motion. The equipment design uses a portion of your body weight as resistance and offers a great cardiovascular workout while strengthening the back, shoulders and biceps.



    - Limited 5 year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories.

    - Limited 2 year warranty on bearings, clamps, and rubber parts.


    When equipment is sold to corrections customers, it’s constructed with non-removable, break away, tamper resistant hardware.

    Product Specification:

    American standard size tubing, namely:

    • 1-1/2” x 3” rectangular tubing x 11ga
    • 2” x 2” square tubing x 11ga
    • 1-1/2” OD round tubing x 11ga
    • 1-1/4” OD round tubing x 11ga
    • and 1/4” hot rolled flat bar

    TriActive USA Fitness Equipment does not include any of the following:

    • exposed cables
    • hydraulics 
    • plastic seating

    Powder Coating Specification:

    • powder coating thickness 6-8 mils. Coatings are tested for 1000 hours of salt spray resistance
    • pre-treated
    • iron phosphate applied
    • zinc powder applied
    • functional powder applied
    • and final TGIC powder coat is applied to provide outstanding weathering capabilities

    Product Downloads:

    To see individual product specs and installation information view their respective product pages here:

    Exercise Bike


    Pull-up and Dip Station

    Sit-up Board

    Combo Chest Press and Pulldown


    *Actual equipment may look different than shown due to design upgrades.*