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UltraPLAY The Snug Play Primary System

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$5,606.00 - $5,606.00
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This SnugPlay system is the ideal starter unit to help introduce children to a unique child-powered play event. The Primary system provides a modest number of Snug Play pieces that introduce children to the concept of loose parts play in a compact setting.

The new SnugPlay Learner system features a collection of the smallest elements of SnugPlay that encourage toddlers along with their caregivers to creatively be inspired to build tunnels, bridges, or wherever their imagination takes them.


Think of it like playing with a new generation of building blocks. Snug play allows children of all ages and abilities to interact and play with limitless configurations and possibilities. The components of this commercial playground equipment feature both hard and soft surface textures and flexibility to allow children to flex their inner creativity while engaging in dynamic spatial learning.

The Snug Play Primary System is an entry-level kit suitable for a smaller group of children. This starter package is perfect for elementary schools, daycares, residential use, or health care facilities and provides an opportunity for both physical and cognitive development and cooperation. Children will build forts, obstacle courses, vehicles, and other adventurous configurations limited only by the scope of their imagination.

Parents and teachers love how the Snug Play Primary System stimulates innovation while teaching spatial and problem-solving skills. Children enjoy the chance to conceptualize and build, disassemble and start all over again experimenting with form, color, and utility.



  • Part Number: SNUG-PRM
  • Age: 2-12
  • Capacity: 13-25
  • Use Zone: 12' x 12'
  • Weight: 161lbs

**NOTE: All UltraPLAY Equipment is subject to a 22% steel surcharge fee until further notice. This IS reflected in the current price.**