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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Freenotes Harmony Park Tuned Drums (Outdoor Music Instruments)

Original price $4,566.45 - Original price $6,183.45
Original price
$4,566.45 - $6,183.45
Current price $4,566.45

Expected Shipping Time: 1-2 weeks
Color: Rainbow
Size: Standard
Mount Type: Inground

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The Tuned Drums feature a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence similar to Congo Drums.

The Tuned Drums come as a set of five, all different sizes and sounds, adult or toddle. Our Tuned Drums have a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence; they are similar to traditional conga drums and have a specially shaped sound chamber that amplifies the sound. The drums are played using the hands to create a tom-tom like sound, creating an exciting avenue for players to create their own music and produce a big, open, resonant sound.

Drumming captures the heart of most who encounter it. You can also select the cap colors in rainbow or natural. They can be installed in any arrangement and you can add drums to create your own set.


  • Style: Drums

  • Tonal Quality: Percussive
  • Notes: 5 distinct tones
  • Cap Material: Synthetic
  • Resonated: Yes
  • Key/Scale: N/A
  • Range: Low to High
  • Mallets: N/A
  • Adult and Toddler Sizes Available

  • Cap Color Options: Rainbow or Taupe

  • Boltaron

  • Dimensions:
    • Finished Heights
      • Standard
        Ø15” Drum 37”
        Ø12” Drum 35”
        Ø10” Drum 33”
        Ø8” Drum 31”
        Ø6” Drum 29"
      • Toddler
        Ø15” Drum 29”
        Ø12” Drum 27.5”
        Ø10” Drum 25”
        Ø8” Drum 24.5”
        Ø6” Drum 23"

*Finished Height varies based on mounting, post style, and desired age group.


Use Zone: 5'6" x 1'4" x 2'10" / 168 cm x 41 cm x 86 cm

Weight: 110lbs

Product Download

Tuned Drums Installation Guide

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