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Best Commercial Outdoor Fitness Equipment Packages in 2023 (Top 6 Options)


Practicing quality fitness habits and experiencing the outdoors more often both make for ideal ways to stay happy, keep in shape, and lead healthy lifestyles. Our community public parks make for a great place to exercise and accomplish these health goals.

Sadly, most of us don't reap the benefits of being outdoors near as often as we should, and plenty of us are failing to meet our fitness goals. Perhaps a solution to this is the addition of outdoor fitness equipment in our local playgrounds or a dedicated outdoor fitness site.

In communities, those in charge of public recreation are often tasked with purchasing outdoor fitness equipment to provide the public with a path to greater health and wellness. That may be fitness equipment for adults, children, a community park, a school, and for any and all abilities.

The good news is that fitness equipment that's good for adults can also be great for our kids and youth. Ultimately, communities of all ages will benefit from an outdoor exercise site where they can breathe fresh air and utilize outdoor fitness equipment to enhance their healthy lifestyles.

Top 6 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Packages:

ActionFit Endurance Course

ActionFit endurance outdoor fitness package

ActionFit Training Course

actionfit training outdoor fitness equipment package

ActionFit Compact Course

actionfit compact fitness package

Playground Equipment Bootcamp Fitness Course

playground equipment bootcamp outdoor fitness equipment package

Playground Equipment Olympic Spirit Fitness Course

Playground equipment olympic spirt outdoor fitness package

Playground Equipment Once a Beginner Fitness Course

playground equipment once a beginner fitness course



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What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Fitness Equipment Package

Before we continue to the list of outdoor exercise equipment packages that may best serve you, it's best to understand what factors to consider when purchasing:


What type of community do you serve?

Children may not necessarily need different fitness equipment than adults, however if your community is comprised of an older population, or you're looking to accommodate people with physical limitations, then you'll need to consider which equipment is optimal.

For a deeper look into the best outdoor fitness equipment for seniors CLICK HERE and for accessible ADA compliant outdoor fitness equipment CLICK HERE

Schools can also benefit from any of these outdoor fitness equipment packages. Most outdoor exercise equipment is designed for ages 13 and up but our youth should be exercising just as much, if not more so, than adults in our community. Adult supervision is recommended.


What type of space do you have available for exercise equipment?

Pending the space available you may opt to create a dedicated area for your outdoor fitness equipment that creates the feel of an outdoor gym. You may also choose to go with the popular option of placing the fitness stations around a track or the perimeter of the playground. You can even create a fitness trail that serves as a challenge course users can complete. There really isn't a wrong answer.


What are your budget needs? 

Before you get too invested in the idea of your ideal fitness park, you need to consider your monetary allowances and all of the expenses involved. Most notably these will include the purchase of the equipment itself, shipping costs and any necessary installation services you may require to get your outdoor exercise equipment installed (More often than not, installation can be handled in house). Some community parks or fitness parks also warrant shading or surfacing solutions so you'll need the big picture up front.

You can also contact us if you have any questions about budgeting or need help sourcing installation!


Best Commercial Outdoor Fitness equipment Packages

ActionFit Endurance Course

Actionfit endurance outdoor fitness equipment package

The ActionFit endurance course is ideal for providing park guests with the complete package of what they want out in an outdoor fitness experience. They can get some cardio exercises in and then move to some muscle building and strength machines. In fact, this was designed to hit all five different aspects of exercise, including aerobic, muscle fitness, balance, flexibility and core.


Great For Many Facilities

This is a 10-piece set that works perfectly for apartment complexes, senior centers, parks etc. Basically any outdoor setting with the intent of encouraging exercise. The exercise equipment comes with all of the proper signage to let users know the proper way to use each piece, and ensure they don't get hurt utilizing the different stations.


Pieces include:


You'll need at least 900 square feet for this fitness setup. That is pretty reasonable for most parks, and most other places are able to meet that requirement with no problems. Ultimately, it's a great selection to help your patrons experience outdoor fitness with a wide selection of potential exercises for all different abilities. 


Check here for pricing on the ActionFit Endurance Course


ActionFit Training Course Actionfit training course (commercial outdoor fitness equipment packages)

This choice is another great one for park exercise equipment because it comes with six different components that people can use to train.


Those components include:  


Most park patrons are used to balance beams but the balance board offers a more modern take on the traditional equipment. This package has so many options to offer users for training their muscles, their core, and their heart.

Park goers will enjoy this package because all of the potential exercises, and it offers something for all ages. Youth can use it, but there has been more of a push to get adults on this type of equipment as well. They need to exercise all of those muscle groups, and it is nice that this one outdoor fitness package can help them do all of that while also having fun in an outdoor setting. 


Case Study

A park known as Warner Park in Chattanooga, TN recently set up this outdoor package for people to enjoy. They say that people are seeing the many benefits of a full body workout. In fact, there are a total of 128 different workout activities that one can do using this equipment. Packages are such a convenient option when it comes down to choosing outdoor fitness equipment because the decision making has already been done for you, taking the guess work out of the equation.


Check here for pricing on the ActionFit Training Course 2.0


ActionFit Compact Course

Actionfit compact course - outdoor fitness equipment packages


When tasked with planning an outdoor fitness area, or purchasing the equipment, one should consider the amount of space they have available. Those who find themselves with a lack of space, or looking for an efficient package, should consider the ActionFit Compact Course. 

This challenge course is great for the youth as well. Designed to be used by anyone age 13 and above, younger kids may require adult supervision. It only requires 350 feet to build your "compact" outdoor fitness area so it can fit into almost any park and make a difference immediately. 


These are some of the stations included:


As far as workout equipment goes, this package makes for a great choice. Contact us if you have any questions!


Check here for pricing and more details about the ActionFit Compact Course


Boot Camp Outdoor Fitness Course


 Playground equipment bootcamp fitness course - outdoor fitness equipment package



Do you want to get some real bang for your buck with the outdoor fitness products that you are purchasing? If so, then you simply cannot miss out on the playground equipment boot camp fitness course. It comes with so many parts, and it has an attractive design that will appeal to everyone from school age children to adults looking to take care of their physical health. 


Size Considerations

This unit is 40 feet by 34 feet, so you are going to need to set aside some room to get it moved into your outdoor workout area. You can also choose to spread them out throughout your park or dedicated outdoor fitness area.


The 12 different pieces of equipment include:


From the chest press to the parallel bars, there's a lot of material to be moved into your playgrounds, so expect longer shipping times and a heavier price tag. That said, once you have this outdoor fitness equipment installed, expect a lot more people to show up to your parks. 

The best part about it all is that it is likely to up the fun and social experience of your parks. There are so many different types of equipment for people to utilize, and they'll have the ability to do what they want to do from a physical activity point of view. They'll then also meet different types of people that they might never have gotten the chance to speak with before. Fitness enthusiasts will communicate with casual parkgoers and vice-versa. It is a beautiful thing for your community. 


Check here for more information about the Boot Camp Outdoor Fitness Course


Olympic Spirit Outdoor Fitness Course


 Playground Equipment Olympic Spirit Outdoor Fitness Course


If you want to up the "wow factor" with the park fitness equipment you choose, maybe you should consider the Olympic spirit fitness course. The name is very fitting as it is designed to work out the whole body. 


Pieces And Size

This unit contains a total of 8 pieces of equipment and comes in at 30 feet by 25 feet, so it is a little more compact than the choice above, but it will still take up a reasonable amount of room. Many people choose to spread the equipment throughout their parks as well, that way a user will be able to follow around your track or trail to use all of the different stations.


Components include:

Participants will love that they can use this outdoor workout equipment to strengthen all of their muscles, and they will appreciate the fact that they are able to challenge themselves to up their endurance and their speed all at the same time. Fitness can be fun too!

Check out pricing for the Olympic Spirit Outdoor Fitness Course


Once a Beginner Outdoor Fitness Course


 playground equipment once a beginner outdoor fitness course


It is always nice when reviewing fitness stations to also create access to fun and wellness for people of all fitness levels and abilities. You are bound to have some people who would greatly benefit from outdoor gym equipment that's more specifically tailored to beginners. That is precisely what the Once a Beginner Fitness Course is all about. It is the ideal choice for people who are just starting out on their fitness journey, and it is a good selection for park operators who know that they need to include something for people who are not as advanced with their fitness levels. 


This package includes 4 separate stations:
  • Chin Up Station - provides a rigorous workout for the arm muscles, with bars that users can pull themselves up from.
  • Chest Press - strengthens pectoral muscles with two heavy handles that are moved back and forth.
  • Sit Up Bench - perfect place to lay down and use the abdominal muscles to sit back up.
  • Lat Pulldown - focuses on the upper body by having users repeatedly lower heavy handles to their sides.


This package still works out the full body, but its targeted more at those who just want to start to work on their physical fitness, or for purchasers looking to get a small, yet thorough, package of equipment. The chest press station is particularly helpful for new exercisers that may be unable to perform push-ups.

Perhaps they used to play sports or something of that nature in the past, and now they want the opportunity to challenge themselves yet again. They will be pleased to see that those in charge of parks and recreation have selected something that can benefit them, which is why this package may be a good fit for your project.


Check here for more information about the Once a Beginner Outdoor Fitness Course



There's a lot more that goes into choosing the proper outdoor exercise equipment package for a park than people think. Of course any physical activity is better than none but if you want to maximize the usage of the new equipment and create the feel of an outdoor gym then it helps to have a plan:

  • Account for various fitness levels
  • Choose equipment based off of your normal demographic
  • Full-Body usability - Select stations that allow users to exercise their entire body

All of the outdoor fitness equipment packages referenced are made of quality materials and built to stand up to the weather and constant use so stick to those parameters and your decision process should become much simpler. Encouraging outdoor fitness at your park is a great step to creating a healthier community.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions about your project!


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