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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

ActionFit Balance Beam Station

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The traditional Balance Beam provides a true balance activity as the user must carefully walk foot over foot the entire length of the beam.

There are many opportunities for advanced exercises such as balancing on one leg or jumping back and forth over the beam. 

Designed for ages 13 and up.

  • Freestanding instructional sign included

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SKU: UP251/UP197

Product Specifications:

UP251-Balance Beam

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Warner Park – Chattanooga, TN 

Adult Fitness Trail in a Community Destination Park 

Warner Park boasts a community playground, a softball complex, tennis courts, a pool, a splash park, a fitness center, and a zoo. The City of Chattanooga felt it was the perfect destination to install 16 adult outdoor fitness stations to be placed along the 2/3 mile trail that winds its way through the frequently visited park.

Each fitness station features two activities at four levels of difficulty, offering a total of 128 activities for a full body workout in a family friendly, no cost environment. The system also offers warmup and cool down stations and instructional signage that provides simple, effective, health-related messaging and programming. 


“We were trying to set things up so basically anybody could do it, from a pure beginner to an athlete,”  
– Dr. Burch Oglesby
Associate Professor Of Exercise Physiology
at UTC and project leader

University students and various community groups have enjoyed using the new fitness trail equipment. The site has been used for fitness classes held outdoors to police and fire academy trainings. Autumn Corbin, a UTC junior Exercise Science major shared,

 “I usually have to separate my cardio and strength training, which can be a hassle to fit both of them in with my schedule. Now, I can do both at the same time, all while being outside. I plan on incorporating this equipment into my fitness routine at least 2-3 times a week.” 


“With exercise, the magic pill is keeping it simple. There is nothing simpler than free, accessible equipment outdoors.” 
– Rick O’ Rear 
Recreation Division Manager 
City of Chattanooga 

 The Outdoor Adult Fitness Park is a popular destination on weekends due to its proximity to a playground and splash park, as well as the sports fields and zoo. 

Karen Allen, a local resident, added, 

“We come here as a family – the kids go to the zoo or the water park, then we walk the fitness trail – my husband and I use the equipment while the kids play on the grass. It’s great fun for all of us and we leave feeling like we had a great family day!”