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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Dero Event Rack™

by Dero
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$559.00 - $559.00
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Move 'Em and Stack 'Em

The Event Rack is an innovative design that addresses the needs of any game, festival, or event requiring temporary and secure bike parking. It is easily moveable, stackable and requires no assembly. Each Event Rack can accommodate 14 bikes. When your event is over, stack the Event Racks in a pick-up, van, or trailer, and store in a minimal amount of space.

User-friendly and Secure

The Event Rack is the first rack of its kind that is completely user-friendly: it's fully u-lock compatible and supports the bike frame in two places. This means that volunteer staffing and tickets are not required and your staff can focus on other tasks.

Parks 14 bikes. 8 Event Racks will park 112 bikes within an area roughly 25’ x 52

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Submittal Sheet


14 Bikes


.75” steel tube


  • Galvanized

An after fabrication hot dipped galvanized finish is our standard option.


Surface only. The Event Rack is a freestanding unit that can easily be placed by two people.

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Bike Parking Guide

Not all bike parking is created equal. Bad bike parking happens. Sometimes it’s an accident or a mistake. But with a little planning and consideration, bike parking can be easy. At Dero, we like to see good bike parking. We also don’t like to see money wasted on solutions that don’t work. Click here to see the Dero Bike Parking Guide.