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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Fitness Double Station Lat Pulldown

Original price $3,152.00 - Original price $3,152.00
Original price
$3,152.00 - $3,152.00
Current price $3,152.00
Mount Type: Inground

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Watch your posture improve and your body transform with the Double Lat Station Pulldown.

We engage our back muscles constantly, yet we often ignore them until an injury happens, at which point strength training is long overdue. 'But machines like the Double Lat Pull Down make it easier to strengthen muscles and build tone without a considerable time investment.

The Double Lat Pull Down accommodates two people at once, making it ideal for gyms, outdoor parks, and other facilities that provide areas for friends and teammates to condition together.

And the space-saving design makes it suitable for even small outdoor fitness parks. The heavy-duty, durable design means your investment will pay off for many years to come and stand up to the elements. It comes with a cover for extra weather protection. Pair it with our other outdoor equipment for a complete body workout.

Model Number: PFT007

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Back

Product Type: Fitness Doubled

Product Specification:

PFT007 Double Station Lat Pulldown Sell Sheet