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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Everlast Climbing Safari® Circle Steppers

Original price $3,429.00 - Original price $4,581.00
Original price
$3,429.00 - $4,581.00
Current price $4,581.00

Expected Shipping Time: 4-6 weeks
Style: Circle Steppers w/2" mats

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Safari® Circle Steppers offer an exciting challenge to travel across five hanging discs!


Thoughtful movement and great balance are required on the Safari® Circle Steppers. Travel across the set of five hanging discs on this element on feet or knees. This unique add-on offers a “low ropes” type of challenge. Great for physical education classes, after-school programs, camps, and more.

STEP-BY-STEP – Safari® Circle Steppers!

Safari® Circle Steppers are wall-mounted and can be used as a stand-alone element or can be combined with other indoor jungle gym equipment to maximize fitness opportunities with minimal space requirements.  

Mounting brackets and mat-locking system help stow and lock components to prevent unauthorized use. When stowing, Safari Circle Steppers easily detaches and can be kept in a storage cabinet or closet.  Elements can be mounted to concrete blocks or poured concrete walls only. The complete package includes a MatLocking system amounting brackets, hardware, installation instructions, safety sign, and activity guide.

Safari® Circle Steppers Activity Guide comes with 5 creative and physical activities to try on the Swing Steppers including “Swinging Steps,” “Spot Walk,” and “Watch Your Step.” Activities include step-by-step instructions and modifications to accommodate learner differences.

For added fun, combine the Safari® Indoor Jungle Gym Elements with a Traverse Wall®.


NOTE: For safety purposes, we recommend the elements be used only under supervision.

Shipping and Install


Your Safari Circle Steppers will ship in one of two ways. If you order the product with safety mats, the product will ship to the delivery address you specify via truck.  We cannot deliver to Post Office boxes.  If you order the Wild Web without mats, the product will ship via FedEx.

If shipping via truck, you will need to meet the truck to unload your product.  If unloading is not an option for you, Inside Delivery is available for an additional fee. Please contact your salesperson to add this to your order.

Please inspect all pallets and boxes before signing for the delivery. If there is any damage, you MUST note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it, or a damage claim cannot be filed with the trucking company. This is very important – please notify your receiving personnel and the person who usually signs for deliveries of this fact. Call us if there is any apparent damage and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Do not throw away any damaged material.

Please protect your shipment until the installation takes place. Any damage occurring after receipt is your responsibility.


The Safari Circle Steppers can be self-installed, or Everlast Climbing can install the product for you at an additional cost. Installation instructions can be downloaded here.  Installation requires 1-2 people for 1-2 hours.  The facility wall to which the element will be mounted must be made of poured concrete or concrete block.

Installation Instructions: Download


How does the system store?

The circle steppers are easily removed from the frame and stored elsewhere. The frame itself can be pushed up and against the wall using the provided tool. If you purchase our Mat-Locking System, then you have the added feature of folding up the mats against the wall and preventing access to the area below the frame.

What kind of safety surfacing do you recommend?

We recommend safety surfacing to cover an 8' drop zone. We follow playground guidelines of a 6' fall zone and the elements extend 2' out from the wall, which totals an 8' area. 8' Mats, a 6' mat with a 2' extension, can be purchased with the Safari element. The mats are then used to stow and lock the element.

How many people can use each piece at a time?

We recommend one user per element.

What type of wall does this mount to?

This must attach to a CMU or Concrete Block wall.

Is this playground equipment?

This is not playground equipment and should be used only under supervision. The elements should be locked and stowed when not in use and under supervision.

Can Safari elements be used in conjunction with a Traverse Wall?

Yes, Safari elements are a great addition to an existing or new Traverse Wall. The Monkey Bars can be placed above the climbing wall since it does not block access to the wall. Other elements should be mounted to either side of the Traverse Wall to extend physical activity options before and after the climb.

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit for each Safari Jungle Gym element is 350 pounds.