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ExerTRAC Model 1339 (Angled Ladder/Tricep Dip)

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Fitness Stations:

  • Angled Ladder
  • Tricep Dip
  • Tricep Dip Step

Each fitness station is uniquely different.  The Angled Ladder is a rigorous fitness station and requires an individual to support their full body-weight while climbing.  On this piece of fitness equipment, the individual climbs hand-over-hand — up and down the ladder, forwards and backwards.  This is an excellent upper body exercise and fitness for the arms. To increased resistance, add ankle weights or a weight belt while using this fitness station.

When ordering an Angled Ladder fitness station, consider the height of those who will be using the equipment.  The lowest bar should be positioned just above fingertip reach when standing on the ground.

The Tricep Dip fitness station is a piece of exercise equipment that works the chest, triceps, and shoulder (similar muscles as with the parallel bars.)

The Tricep Dip Step is attached to the pole, just above the ground, and used to help the individual obtain their starting position.

Area Needed: 10' x 18'

SKU: FE-1339

ExerTRAC by StayFIT

ExerTRAC fitness trail equipment was designed to be the most modular fitness trail systems available. Your new ExerTRAC fitness equipment will be built using the highest quality materials. Every part is custom made for your order by our expert craftsman; just as it has been done since 1980. As a result, we can offer the best warranty in the fitness industry; a full 25 years! 

ExerTRAC has over 40 different bodyweight exercise stations recommended for those aged 13 years and up. Because ExerTRAC has no moving parts it is almost maintenance free, simple to install, and can be designed to fit nearly any budget.

Whether your fitness equipment need is for a walking and running trail, a school or university, a military base, a police or fire department, corporate site, apartment community, or any other application, ExerTRAC is the perfect product to provide you years of active use. You can pick one of our standard designs, or we can do a custom design at no additional cost.

10 reasons to buy StayFit Bodyweight fitness equipment

  1. No moving parts to wear out.

  2. Low maintenance

  3. Cost effective

  4. The best warranty in the fitness industry

  5. Easy to install

  6. Easy to use

  7. Unlimited design capabilities

  8. Can be used by anyone, regardless of fitness level

  9. Can be used by all ages (recommend 13 years and up)

  10. Made in the USA


StayFIT Systems outdoor/indoor bodyweight fitness equipment offers a wide selection of standard fitness designs. They can be installed outdoors or indoors in almost any setting.

StayFIT equipment is perfect for any application; schools and universities, fitness centers and athletic clubs, apartments, parks recs, corporate centers, residential settings, community centers, housing developments, tennis courts, basketball courts, social distancing and much more. If a standard StayFIT design doesn’t fit your needs we can quickly design a custom set that will.

StayFIT Bodyweight+ is a complete line of outdoor exercise equipment that can withstand all weather conditions and be customized to accommodate all fitness needs and skill levels. It is perfect for parks, schools, resorts, fitness camps, military installations, or any location where fitness is the priority.  

The exercise equipment is completely modular; therefore, it is possible to start with a basic set and add to it as needs change.

StayFIT Introductory Video:

Installation and Maintenance:

Every StayFIT Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness system comes with a complete set of installation instructions and drawings. Following is an overview of the installation process.

The designated fitness area needs to have adequate space for the equipment, plus the recommended safe-use zone surrounding it. There should be a minimum of 36” around equipment (from outer edge of fitness system) that is free from any obstacles or obstructions.

StayFIT equipment is simple to install – all of the fitness activities are bolted on using pre-drilled holes after the vertical posts are secured. The vertical support posts are buried 30” deep using concrete (3-4 bags of 60” premix per hole) – they can also be installed using a surface mount plate. The vertical support posts are built to accommodate the particular type of resilient fall surface being used under the equipment, such as rubber tile or play chips.

Warranty Information:

StayFIT Bodyweight+ vertical support posts and fitness stations carry a 25-year warranty, from the date of purchase, against structural failure due to corrosion, deterioration, or faulty workmanship. All other components, such as ropes and hardware, carry a 2-year warranty against structural failure due to corrosion, deterioration or faulty workmanship.