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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!
Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Kid's Gym Wavy Overhead Scaling Ladder

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Mount Type: Inground

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The perfect addition to any playground or outdoor space, the Straight Overhead Scaling Ladder is another addition to our line of kids fitness equipment.

Boasting 13 rungs on top and two on either side, children who use the Straight Overhead Scaling Ladder will be challenged to reach the other side as quickly as they can.

From New York to California and everywhere in between, Overhead Horizontal Ladders are among children’s favorite playground pastimes, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only does the Straight Overhead Scaling Ladder facilitate deft, exciting movements, it also serves to improve children’s physical strength and fine motor skills.

Grip strength can also be improved, since kids must hold on tightly to the rungs to avoid falling down. The Straight Overhead Scaling Ladder is a natural choice for any outdoor fitness area or playground.


Kids Outdoor Fitness Equipment!


Model Number: PGC004

Age Range: 5-12 years

Fall Height:  84"

Product Type: Kids Gym

Safety Zone: 14' 2" x 28' 0"


Kid's Gym 

When we were younger, we were told to go play outside and come home when the street lamps came on. However as communities grow and businesses are built, spaces for kids to play and socialize are shrinking.

Also, kids can’t exactly purchase gym memberships. Encourage children to increase their physical activity levels with outdoor fitness equipment made especially for them!


Benefits of Outdoor Gyms for Kids

It has been a widely-accepted fact over the past few decades that physical activity is important to childhood development and an hour a day of physical activity is what is recommended. Physical activity helps children maintain a healthy weight along with a nutritious diet and activity helps them develop strong muscles, joints, and bones.

There are also other numerous benefits that come along with children getting up from the couch and playing outside. Children who are engaged in physical activity often feel less anxiety, sleep better at night, and enjoy higher self-esteem overall.

Good health habits are developed at a young age and one of the best habits to instill in children is a want to keep themselves physically active.

In spite of all these benefits, however, only about one in three children is receiving the recommended amount of physical activity according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. Making your playground area suitable for school-age children is the best way to help improve those statistics!

Kids outdoor exercise equipment is the one of the best ways to do that since this kind of activity can appeal to kids! Fitness equipment for children is the best way to help encourage young playground goers to spend more time running, jumping, climbing, and engaging in fun activities!

We offer a variety of outdoor equipment pieces that will get kids excited and eager to get moving! A galvanized steel pole climber encourages children to strengthen their core and arm muscles as they scale to the top and an aluminum balance beam helps kids develop both their balance and reflexes.

Young playground goers often find it easy to engage in physical activity when it is incorporated with fun kid’s outdoor equipment and are able to enjoy it with their friends! Installing fun kids outdoor fitness equipment such as pebble stepping stones in a play area provides playground goers the perfect opportunity to hop from play amenity to play amenity!

When you order Kid's Gym equipment, you can choose from a variety of color configurations. Encourage children to increase their physical activity levels with outdoor fitness equipment made especially for them!

Kids Outdoor Fitness for Sale

Outdoor Workout Supply's line of outdoor kids fitness equipment is made of durable material that is tough and made to withstand the elements as well as the many kids who will enjoy their time on it!

Though the equipment pieces look similar to conventional equipment that is found in indoor gyms, the commercial-grade materials that comprise our kids' gym products allow them to be placed outdoors!

Our kids' fitness equipment is best utilized when placed together to form a circuitous outdoor exercise course which can enable kids to move from piece to piece with ease.