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Playground Equipment Honeycomb Hand Drums

Original price $5,774.00 - Original price $5,774.00
Original price
$5,774.00 - $5,774.00
Current price $5,774.00
Color: Primary
Mount Type: Inground

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True to its name, the Honeycomb Hand Drums are a brightly-colored set of drums arranged to form the shape of a honeycomb. The Honeycomb Hand Drums bring high-quality percussive sounds to playgrounds and outdoor spaces, and kids will relish the opportunity to make music with their friends outdoors. These drums will help instill a love of music in young children while also encouraging socialization. Young ones will love collaborating with friends to create percussive rhapsodies on the playground, and thanks to its sturdy mount, the Honeycomb Hand Drums will remain a staple of your playground or outdoor area for years to come. These drums make an excellent complement to other outdoor musical instruments, such as bells and chimes, and with the addition of the Honeycomb Hand Drums, teachers will have no trouble imparting to their students the value of music.

Model Number: PMC007P & PMC007N

Age Range: 2 to 12 years

Product Type: Music

Unit Size: 39" x 40" x 40"

Musical Playground Equipment

If you’re looking for great prices on themed playgrounds, durable playsets, or musical playground equipment, Playground Equipment has you covered! We are happy to provide our customers with memorable play experiences through our high-quality, affordable commercial and residential playground equipment. We believe that every kid deserves a fun and safe place to play, and we strive to be the best online playground equipment supplier in the industry. Our outdoor play equipment is made only from the highest-quality metal, plastic, timber, and recycled plastic. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, so give us a call to find out the best prices on playground musical instruments and other great equipment!

Outdoor Musical Playground Equipment for Kids

In recent years, playground manufacturers have made changes in equipment to offer much more than just bubble panels and tic-tac-toe. Fully functional musical instruments are now seen on many new playgrounds. Our playground music equipment features several shapes and sounds, including drums and bells. We offer several options for pretend play as well as musical playground equipment like glockenspiels and piano panels.

There are so many benefits of building a kids’ music playground for your school or community. Music has been shown to enhance teamwork, stimulate creativity, and develop the areas of the brain related to reasoning and language. It also provides children with a way to express themselves, which builds confidence. Kids who play instruments have been shown to be more intelligent than their non-musical peers due to the fact that around 80-90% of motor skills in the brain are linked to the throat, hands, and mouth. This means that musical children stimulate almost the whole brain! By building a playground full of musical play equipment, you are encouraging children to reach their full potential.