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Playground Fitness Royal Double Station Back Massage

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$3,040.00 - $3,040.00
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Mount Type: Inground

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The Royal Double Station Back Massage is both an excellent way to loosen up your back muscled in preparation for a rigorous workout, and a great way to reward yourself afterwards.

It is used by pressing your back against the two studded rollers, and squatting so that they roll along the entire length of the user’s back. This manual functionality means that it provides a bit of leg exercise, and allows the user to focus specifically on the areas of their back with the most tension.

The Royal Double Station back massage has two sets of rollers, so that users won’t have to prematurely stop a relaxing massage to give someone else a turn. It also has large stickers with detailed instructions and diagrams on proper usage, so that anyone can figure out how to use it without assistance.

It comes standard with a powder coat of weather-resistant blue paint and a small roof which gives it a welcoming appearance.

Model Number: PFT032

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Stretch

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Zone: 2' 10" x 3' 6"

Product Specification:

PFT032 Royal Double Station Back Massage Sell Sheet