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Playground Fitness Royal Double Station Overhead Twister

Original price $2,430.00 - Original price $2,550.00
Original price
$2,430.00 - $2,550.00
Current price $2,430.00
Model: No Resistance
Mount Type: Inground

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The Royal Double Station Overhead Twister is a great activity for warming up arm, shoulder, and core muscles before a workout.

To use it, a person stands beneath one of the two overhead wheels, and grabs it from both sides. They then rotate the wheel by twisting their hips and torso, stretching out their arms and midsections.

Performing even as little as five minutes of these warm-up exercises drastically reduces the risk of muscle damage while working out.  however, seasoned users may benefit from the addition of a weighted resistance component, which can be added on to the Royal Double Station Overhead Twister. There is an overhead wheel on each side of the device, so that two people can use it at the same time.

The two wheels are set at different heights, so that anyone can reach them easily. The Royal model of this device comes with a detailed roof decoration, and is mounted on a helpful panel printed with detailed images and instructions which show how to properly use it.

Model Number: PFT031 & PFT031WR

Age Range: 13+

Muscle Group: Core

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Zone: 2' 10" x 4' 11"

Product Specification:

PFT031 Royal Double Station Overhead Twister Sell Sheet