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Playground Fitness Accessible Outdoor Fitness Package

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Parks serving the public should have equipment that offers access to everyone, including children and adults who use wheelchairs. School playgrounds should also include special-education playground equipment so that all students can enjoy outdoor activities.

Our inventory features a variety of wheelchair-accessible playground equipment for sale to help you build the perfect playground for disabled children. And accessible playground equipment for physically disabled people does not have to be limited to use only by those with special needs; many of our play structures can be used by everyone! 


Accessible Chest Press

Using the dual bars, the Chest Press replicates the muscle movements of a traditional bench press, exercising the chest muscles as well as the shoulders. It’s an effective way to burn calories and build muscle, and for wheelchair users, the Accessible Double Station Chest Press is a natural option thanks to its lack of bench on one side. Adding the Accessible Double Station Chest Press will make your outdoor fitness circuit better and more inclusive.


Accessible Pull Down

Another piece of quality outdoor fitness equipment, the Accessible Double Station Lat Pull Down is built for use outdoors. Lat pulldowns are perfect for strengthening back muscles, which we use every day, even if we don’t realize it. From lifting boxes to carrying groceries, the Latissimus Dorsi (more commonly known as ‘lats’) are an integral part of a healthy muscular system, and with the Double Station Lat Pull Down machine, people of all ability levels can get in on the exercise action and improve their physical fitness. Two people can use it simultaneously, and the lack of seating on one side means that those in wheelchairs can approach the machine and work out like everyone else.


Hand Bike

When it comes to exercise, few locations are better than the great outdoors. Outdoor fitness circuits give those in parks, playgrounds, and other places the ability to have fun while getting a great workout in. The Accessible Hand Bike makes a great addition to such areas, as it helps to work out muscle groups like the forearms and shoulders while fostering grip strength.

Unlike traditional bike pedals, which are designed to be pedaled by feet, those on the Accessible Hand Bike are designed to be gripped and rotated by users. What’s more, users can change up the amount of resistance the pedals give using the friction adjustment knob located on the front of the Accessible Hand Bike. There’s no shortage of fun exercise to be had using the Accessible Hand Bike.


Quadruple Gym Station

Get active with the Accessible Quadruple Gym Station. The great outdoors isn’t just great for playground equipment; with accessible outdoor fitness equipment, adults can get in on the fun while engaging in healthy, vigorous exercise. The Accessible Quadruple Gym Station consists of four distinct exercise machines. For instance, the dip station enables bodyweight exercise that engages the shoulders and triceps. On the opposite side, the dual bicycle pedals facilitate lower and upper body exercise, which can be done in concert or separately.