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Why Buy from Us? Click Here to Find Out!

Playground Fitness Pull and Dip Station

Original price $2,436.00 - Original price $2,436.00
Original price
$2,436.00 - $2,436.00
Current price $2,436.00
Mount Type:: Inground

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Get the muscle strength in the upper body you’ve always wanted with the Pull and Dip Station. Go at your own pace and try various exercises like pull ups, chin ups, and more. Exercises that use only body weight as resistance reduces the risk of possible damage to joints or muscles.

No matter what exercise level you’re at, it’s essential to put time and effort into physical fitness, which improves the overall health of any individual. This fitness station is geared towards upper body muscles, including arm strength. You can choose to either workout alone or in a group, as the Pull and Dip Station has four different areas to use.

Sometimes working alone is great, but if extra encouragement is needed, outdoor fitness stations like this one facilitate a group exercise environment. This product is excellent for working triceps, as well as working out your chest, shoulders and back muscles. Add the Pull and Dip Station to any outdoor gym or public space to prioritize health in any community.

Model Number:  PFT072

Age Range:  13 years +

Muscle Group:  Multiple

Product Type:  Fitness Royal