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UltraPLAY The Snug Play Expert System

Original price $31,030.00 - Original price $31,030.00
Original price
$31,030.00 - $31,030.00
Current price $31,030.00

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SnugPlay systems are comprised of loose parts play components that are completely moveable, and inspire children to play in more ways than ever before. 
The Expert system engages the largest number of children and includes the important elements of the Mound and Compact Loop, which are used in a variety of ways for children from Pre-K to Upper Elementary.
It’s the ideal system for the full Snug Play experience.


If you are a fan of the Snug Play systems and playground bundles, this is the largest commercial playground equipment package available for groups who love to play. The Snug Play collection of hard and soft tactile building pieces offers limitless opportunities for independent or group play and is durable, high-quality, and loads of fun. This play system is ideal for hospitals, preschool, daycare, church, or other community-supervised play providers. Anywhere there are kids who need to keep busy, the Snug Play equipment provides enriched learning and fun.

What is unique about the Snug Play commercial playground bundles is the engaging design of the product. Featured in bright primary colors, each piece is visually and spatially stimulating, encouraging children to unleash their inner engineer and imagination. Children can build a fort, obstacle course, pretend vehicles, and conceptualize their build within a socially cooperative activity that teaches them to work well with others.

Teachers love the Snug Play bundles as they provide the perfect indoor activity for kids during inclement weather (rainy day play) and they can be easily stored in a gymnasium during the off-season and moved outdoors during spring and summer months for year-round creative play.

The Ultimate System features the largest collection of architectural elements for many hands and big projects. Engage your group with sixty-three (63) individual pieces for the ultimate building set. Brightly colored and textured pieces encourage children to explore spatial and engineering experiments in a fun, hands-on physical, and cognitively developmental way.


  • Part Number: SNUG-EXP

  • Age: 2-5 & 5-12

  • Capacity: 41+

  • Use Zone: 40' x 40'

  • Weight: 1242lbs


**NOTE: All UltraPLAY Equipment is subject to a 22% steel surcharge fee until further notice. This IS reflected in the current price.*

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