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Street Barbell USA Outer Thigh (Outdoor Gym Equipment)

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MB 7.49 Outer Thigh 

Work out standing, experience a completely new training feeling and perfect biomechanics outdoors

Muscles: Outer Thighs


  • Plates: 14 x 25lbs and 6 x 5lbs

  • Maximum weight per arm: 190lbs

  • Dimensions: length 73inch x width 69inch x height 83inch

  • Weight: 859lbs

Frame: Steel, zink primer with powder coating plus extra clear coating finish

Rails: Stainless Steel

Small Parts: Stainless Steel


Colors are Fully Customizable - Click Here for Options!


Video of Equipment in Use:

Street Barbell Outdoor Gym Equipment 

For outdoor gyms and fitness facilities there are many things to consider. Since these are often publicly accessible places, safety must be ensured, the devices must be firmly anchored and theft-proof, as well as resistant to climatic influences.

The patented Variable Load System "VLS" makes it possible. Conceivably simple, but ingenious for outdoor use. All Street Barbell lines have this system, which allows you to adjust the weights, without removing the discs from the device. (VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THE SYSTEM IN USE)



• All exercises of Street Barbell series equipment are performed in a standing position.

• The ability to perform exercises with both hands, and alternately with each hand separately, increases the movements depth and the exercises variations.

• Each lever has a dual load weight system (large and small weights), which allows to change the load with a step of 2.5 kg (protected by patent).

• The handles are made of durable polymer.

• The athlete-equipment contact spots are covered for convenience with a multilayered water-resistant plywood, which has less thermal conductivity than metal.

• The trainer has special slots for towels.

• Each lever has load change movement pointers.

• Safe for children. The high location of weights provides equipment inaccessibility to young children.

• Special seals protect bearings and rotating components.

• The equipment is painted with special zinc primer and powder paint that protect from the rust and allows its usage in any weather conditions.

• Fasteners to the ground are protected with rubber pads.


Video of Variable Load System (VLS): 

Street Barbell Equipment in the city of Miami Beach:

Street Barbell Introduction: